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Uncharacteristically, Bush Hits Tourist Stops

BY Michael Abramowitz ON THE PRESS CHARTER, Jan. 11 -- We are now flying from Tel Aviv to Kuwait City, the "Israeli-Palestinian" leg of President Bush's trip now officially over. This time I am not on Air Force One but aboard the plane that carries most of the press corps...

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Bush Shuns Arafat in Death, As In Life

By Michael Abramowitz RAMALLAH, Jan 10--In life, Yasser Afarat infuriated President Bush. In death, his presence seemed to loom over Bush's visit this morning to the Muqata, the compound that houses the offices of senior Palestinian officials and where Arafat spent the final three years of his life under virtual...

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Olmert Seeks a Bush Bounce

JERUSALEM, Jan. 9 -- Is Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert auditioning to replace Tony Blair as George W. Bush's new "poodle?" Ehud Olmert presents George W. Bush with a GPS MP3. (Getty Images) Certainly, Olmert, who may be less popular in Israel than Bush is in the United States, appears...

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In Israel, Bush Recalls 1998 Tour With Sharon

As Texas Governor, Bush's first trip to Israel left a lasting impression, strong bond.

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Flying to Israel, Wondering About New Hampshire

Michael Abramowitz blogs from aboard Air Force One as President Bush jets towards the Middle East for an eight-day visit, starting with his first trip to Israel as the U.S. president.

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