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Singing for a Cause

ACCRA, Ghana -- Rest easy, everyone. President Bush didn't sing. But Jordin Sparks did.

George Bush and Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks sings while President Bush listens. (Photo - Jason Reed/Reuters).

Last year's "American Idol" winner belted out the national anthem at the U.S. ambassador's residence here today as part of her campaign against malaria in Africa. Bush cheered but did not join in.

"By prevailing on last season's 'American Idol,' Jordin showed the world she has a great voice," the president said after she finished. "Raising awareness about malaria means that she has got great compassion and a big heart."

A special charity edition of the show last year raised $17 million for Malaria No More, a private group that has used the funding along with other donations to provide long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to more than 2 million mothers and children in five African countries.

The president and first lady went on the show last year -- "not because of our voices," he noted today -- and the program will repeat itself on April 9 to again raise funds to fight malaria.

Set your TiVo.

-- Peter Baker

By washingtonpost.com Editors |  February 20, 2008; 3:55 PM ET  | Trip:  Bush in Africa, Feb. 2008
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The US securities markets had a big rise today on the rumors President Bush wouldn't return from Africa.

Posted by: filoporquequilo | February 20, 2008 4:41 PM

'has got'

Has got? Has got, i say? What kind of example is GWB setting for the kids with that kind of mangled linguistics issuing from his pie-hole?

Please, more grammatical presidents, please, I beg of you.

Oh, by the way, we all can't wait for this bozo to leave office: what a party there will be in Jan 09.

Posted by: grammarcop | February 20, 2008 9:11 PM

Can he stay there longer? Taxpayer money used to pay his moving expenses; money well spent.

Posted by: Michael | February 20, 2008 9:19 PM

Yeah, he blends in pretty well.

Posted by: Chimpwatcher | February 20, 2008 11:41 PM



DON'T !!!!

As Bill Clinton was about to take office, there were other lingering questions about secret Republican dealings with Saddam Hussein's Iraq during the 1980s. The CIA allegedly had assisted in arranging third-country supplies of sophisticated armaments to Saddam Hussein in his border war with Iran.

President Bush had angrily denounced such charges after they were raised following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. But a number of witnesses were alleging that the CIA had helped arrange the supplies, including cluster bombs to Iraq through Chile.

In 1992-93, the Democrats were in a strong position to get to the bottom of all these historic questions that had so entangled U.S. foreign policy in the 1980s. The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress as well as the White House. Walsh was furious with Bush's Iran-contra pardons and was considering impaneling a new grand jury to force Bush's testimony. [See Walsh's book, Firewall, for more details.]

Getting answers to these questions also made policy sense, if for no other reason than it was important for the new administration to know where diplomatic mine fields might be hidden in this delicate geopolitical landscape.

Shutting Down

But the Democrats -- led by then-House Speaker Tom Foley and Rep. Lee Hamilton [ whose arm was twisted by DichCheenie ] and then later awarded lucrative positions by George H.W., -- chose a very different course. Apparently believing that battling for answers would distract from the domestic policy agenda, such as passage of a universal health care plan, the Democrats chose to shut down all the investigations.

In December 1992, Foley signaled Bush that he would have no problem with the Iran-contra pardons. After the pardons were issued, a few Democrats groused but no hearings were held and no formal explanation was demanded, even though this may have been the first time a president had used his pardon powers to protect himself from possible incrimination.

After the Inauguration, the Clinton administration offered no help to Walsh in arranging declassification of documents that would have aided his investigation. When Bush refused to submit to an interview with Walsh's prosecutors, the Democrats made not a peep about this final move to obstruct the Iran-contra investigation.

Faced with a lack of political support, Walsh decided not to call Bush before a grand jury and shut down his office.

On the 1980 Iran issue, a congressional task force chose to obscure or cover up the new evidence of Republican guilt. Bani-Sadr's letter was misrepresented in the task force's report as mere speculation. Bani-Sadr's detailed account of the interplay inside the Iranian government was simply ignored.

Only those who bothered to dig through the task force report's appendix could find out what the Iranian president had actually said. Not a single story about Bani-Sadr's letter appeared in major newspapers.

In an odd twist, the task force accepted the testimony about deMarenches's account of Republicans meeting Iranians in Paris as "credible," but then incongruously dismissed it as irrelevant, since it conflicted with Republican denials.

The extraordinary Russian report describing what Soviet intelligence files had shown about the Republican-Iran initiative was simply hidden. There was no serious follow-up with the Russians to determine how solid their intelligence was and how they had obtained the information.

SEARCH ON Russians, October Surprise, Cater, Paris, Robert M. Gates, George H.W. Bush

get to know a little history.


first things first: shut down halliburton, bechtel, kbr, blackwater, dyncorp's involvement in IRAQ...conscript the contractors and make them work for GSA at GS scale wages

it's a national security issue. we don't get what we pay for. and I don't remember paying to have IRAQ's infrastructure destroyed so the citizenry couldn't protest the oil theft shunts...

you wanna try me?.


Posted by: beauty | February 20, 2008 11:58 PM

Earlier today, Senator Trent Lott (R-MS), announced that he would resign from the Senate by the end of the year. Lott, a former college cheerleader at Ole' Miss, claims that he would like to leave on a "positive note", " after winning re-election last year to a leadership post and fostering legislation for rebuilding the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. However, one can't help but wonder if there is some other reason behind the abrupt decision.

Later on Monday, a Washington D.C. blog, Big Head DC, made the claim that Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt had uncovered a connection between Lott and an openly gay male escort by the name of Benjamin Nicholas.

Nicholas so far hasn't admitted to sleeping with Lott, but he hasn't exactly denied it either. "Here's my public comment, on-the-record: Sen. Lott and I have no current affiliation with one another. I'm sure he would appreciate no further scrutiny," said Nicholas.

If Nicholas' name sounds familiar, there's good reason. He previously spoke out against Ted Haggard's boy toy, Mike Jones, for airing the preacher's dirty laundry and "breaking" an unwritten escort code of silence and betraying his client's right to privacy.

Considering his feelings on the Haggard situation, it makes sense that he would not publicly admit or reveal any information. It is also very curious that Big Head DC mentioned that Hustler was working on this story, especially considering that Larry Flynt promised us a new GOP gay sex scandal coming soon.

At this point it is all pure speculation, and if Hustler is in fact about to reveal Lott and some gay romps with a male escort, well we're sure to find out soon enough. But consider this: who, after spending millions of dollars seeking re-election, leaves in the middle of their term for any reason other than a scandal, health condition, or personal situation?

Posted by: beauty too... | February 20, 2008 11:59 PM



On January 26, George W. Bush called on Guckert/Gannon at one of Bush's rare press conferences, "bypassing dozens of far more experienced reporters" according to Joe Strupp of Editor & Publisher.

I guess that depends on the meaning of "experienced."

This was not Guckert/Gannon's first time near Bush. Guckert/Gannon was at other Bush press conferences and was called on by Bush once before. Moreover, Guckert/Gannon went to the White House nearly every day for nearly 2 years. Each time he went, he got specific permission from Scott McClellan's White House Press Office. And Guckert/Gannon went to Bush's White House Christmas Party.

How did a $200/hour gay male prostitute get near George W. Bush nearly every day for 2 years?

Don't tell me the Secret Service didn't know Guckert/Gannon's background. It took amateur bloggers at DailyKos about 5 minutes to find out Gannon owned male prostitution websites, and just two weeks for Aravosis to find out he was a $200/hour prostitute. I guarantee Scott McClellan and other top White House officials knew exactly who Guckert/Gannon was. According to RawStory.com, McClellan himself has been spotted at gay bars.

So how will the American people learn the sordid truth about Bush, the White House, and Guckert?

The Lying Right-Wing Media (LRWM) won't ask the question. According to those brave News Hounds who watch FOX so we won't have to, Gannon/Guckert's name has never even been mentioned on FOX [4]. Just imagine the wall-to-wall coverage on FOX if this had happened in the CLINTON White House!

But we'll ask it - and we'll keep asking it until we get the truth.

Did George W. Bush - and/or other top White House officials - have sexual relations with that man, James Guckert?

Lest you think this is an absurd question, I'll refer you to the widespread rumors that Bush had a long-term sexual relationship with his Ambassador to Poland ("don't forget Poland!"), former Yale classmate and Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe [5]. As with every other Bush scandal (AWOL, Bulgegate, Harken Energy, etc.), the Victor Ashe scandal has been blacked out by the LRWM.



and bushCO and CRONYs seems to be eating up so much of the WORLD, as if IMPERIALISM weren't against the law right now.... it very much is.

theft is a crime in world court...let's see that bush and cronys get the correct penalty for their crime of treason, and invasion... which wouldn't be beef cattle ranching in Argentina...

awright ???


Posted by: a real beaut... | February 21, 2008 12:02 AM

I would've suggested the woman in the article sing "Bread and Roses", and then ask the shrub if he really understands what it meant. I sincerely doubt that he would. Too bad he's totally ignored history over the years.

Posted by: Alex | February 21, 2008 12:11 PM

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