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Archive: Rice in Middle East and Europe, February 2007

Secretary Rice's Schedule, Plane Leaves Reporters Scrambling

BERLIN, Feb. 21--Traveling with the secretary of state is often a breeze. Reporters never stand in security lines, never go through passport control, never collect their bags and never have to change planes. They are whisked from the plane to the hotel in a high-speed motorcade that never stops for...

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Rice's Hotel Room Is Neutral Site for Summit

JERUSALEM, Feb. 19--When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice decided last month she wanted to host a summit with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, one of the big questions was: Where? A neutral third country, such as Jordan or Egypt, might have seemed logical, but that would have meant yet another leader...

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Israelis, Palestinians Appear Determined to Get Equal Treatment

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Feb. 18 -- As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice attempts to jumpstart peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians at a summit meeting Monday, both Israelis and Palestinians appear determined to want exactly equal treatment. After flying in from Baghdad Saturday night, Rice headed to dinner with...

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