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Do You Care Whether Jennifer Lopez Breastfeeds?

Listen to some TV and radio headlines, or sneak a peek inside People or US magazines, and you'd think the decision whether or not to breastfeed a baby was right up there with going to see the Pope. Jessica Alba gets pestered by Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet of the Oscars preshow. Jennifer Lopez decides not to breastfeed her newborn twins and watch out -- mommy blogs, People magazine, and even The Wall Street Journal all weigh in. What's even more weird is that the question seems to be strangely impersonal. Not "do you want to breastfeed your baby?" Instead, the spotlight is "Is she breastfeeding?" In other words, we're being asked to care about whether other moms, even celebrities we've never met, should breastfeed their babies. I do not care whether Jennifer Lopez or anyone else breastfeeds her babies. I sincerely doubt any other moms give a...


By Leslie Morgan Steiner | April 23, 2008; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Breast Milk on Planes

Well, it only took a few years for the Transportation Security Administration to come to grips with two fundamental truths of our modern world: 1) business travelers include breastfeeding mothers flying without infants and 2) breast milk is not an explosive device commonly used by terrorists. On Saturday, Aug. 4, the Transportation Security Administration put into effect new rules regarding getting breast milk through airport security checkpoints (with or without an accompanying infant). Mothers flying with, and now without, their children will be permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces as long as they declare it for inspection at the security checkpoint prior to screening. More evidence of our tax dollars at work, taken from the TSA's Q&A: Q. Do passengers carrying breast milk need to taste it to prove it is not a liquid explosive? A. No. We will not ask a traveler to taste...


By Leslie Morgan Steiner | August 6, 2007; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (131)

Breastfeeding Hiatus Is Over

Believe it or not, it's been months since we've talked about anything even tangentially related to breastfeeding. Hope you've enjoyed the break. Because it's over. Here's a roundup of stuff we missed during the hiatus. In April, Time Magazine explored Outsourcing Breast Milk, a modern version of the old "wet nurse" practice where lactating women nurse babies not their own. According to Time, some co-workers, sisters and neighbors are swapping babies. "It's a way of building that village or community that a lot of us crave," explained a woman who cross-fed her neighbor's baby. Eeeewww!* Did you know you can breast feed an adopted baby? La Leche League will tell you how to induce lactation in their pamphlet Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby. I'm pretty sure men can try this method as well. (As an aside, my husband called the concept of men trying to breastfeed "sick and perverted." I reminded...


By Leslie Morgan Steiner | June 27, 2007; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (366)


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