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Unbalancing Halloween

When I was a kid, Halloween "tricks" meant shaving cream, toilet paper, and a few sketchy rumors about razors in apples and spiked candies. But like everything about childhood in the United States, Halloween has changed dramatically, in ways that kids (and parents) 30 years ago wouldn't have believed possible. Exhibit A: Sprint Nextel offers products that "Make Halloween a Treat" including the Spring Family Locator, a GPS feature that allows parents to slip a phone or PC into a child's costume and then track their location without interrupting the child's activities. The Locator gives the address and surrounding landmarks within a specified radius so you can "follow" your child during trick-or-treating, even if they're too old for you to tag along. All for just $9.99 a month. Sprint also has FamilyWatchdog Mobile, which allows parents to use their phones to view maps of where registered sex offenders live and...


By Leslie Morgan Steiner | October 17, 2007; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (83)


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