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Archive: February 4, 2007 - February 10, 2007

The Debate: The Internet and Kids

Welcome to the Friday Debate. Each week, I'll bring up a controversial topic for everyone to bat around. Ideally, we'll all learn something from each other. The ground rules are simple: Respect each other's opinions, but don't expect that everyone will share your view -- that would be SO boring!...

By Stacey Garfinkle | February 9, 2007; 7:15 AM ET | Comments (54)

A Thumb for Comfort

The first time I saw my eldest son suck his thumb, I recall thinking how great it was. No pacifiers falling on the ground going back in his mouth. No night wakings for a binky that had dropped onto the crib mattress. No blankies or stuffed animals to keep track...

By Stacey Garfinkle | February 8, 2007; 7:15 AM ET | Comments (98)

A Little Too Easy-Bake?

Mention the Easy-Bake Oven, and you'll get lots of "I LOVED that toy when I was a kid" responses. It rates right up there with Barbie and Lego as childhood faves. Well, beware of the Easy-Bake Oven of 2006-2007. Easy-Bake, a division of Hasbro, has recalled nearly 1 million of...

By Stacey Garfinkle | February 7, 2007; 10:15 AM ET | Comments (4)

Welcome to On Parenting

Welcome to On Parenting, a blog dedicated to news, advice, comments and fun for and about parents and their kids, ages birth through teens. My name is Stacey Garfinkle and I'll be your blog chauffeur. For the past 15 years, I've worked as a journalist. My career took me...

By Stacey Garfinkle | February 7, 2007; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (0)


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