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Archive: September 27, 2009 - October 3, 2009

Was There an 'Opt-Out Revolution' or Not?

When people write about choices that parents make, there is a tendency toward hyperbole that tends to obscure the truth and get folks in a froth. Certainly, that was the case in 2003, when Lisa Belkin wrote an intriguing New York Times Magazine piece about a staggering small sample of...

By Brian Reid | October 2, 2009; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (25)

When Saying Yes is the Right Thing to Do

In the single-dad drama "The Boys Are Back," Clive Owen -- who plays a father grappling with the loss of his wife -- approaches most of his parenting decisions by relying on three simple words: Just say yes. He says yes to whatever his 7-year-old boy wants to eat. He...

By Jen Chaney | October 1, 2009; 8:30 AM ET | Comments (22)

The Risks of Unpopularity

Every 5 years, without fail, I traipse halfway across the country to my high school reunion. I go partly to connect with old friends and partly out of the voyeuristic impulse to see how we've all grown up. But the last couple of gatherings have driven home a point that...

By Brian Reid | September 30, 2009; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (45)

Mission Impossible: Making Laundry Palatable

One of my guilty pleasures is Real Simple, a gorgeous magazine filled with strategies that ostensibly are designed to make my life easier. Each month, I flip through the phone-book-size tome, rip out a couple of recipes and marvel at how classy my house would look if I had the...

By Brian Reid | September 29, 2009; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (60)

Tough Parents and Good Teen Drivers

The great lesson of the first couple years of parenting is that it is hard to really, really screw up child rearing. Sure, the kids might be lousy sleepers or picky eaters or late walkers or too demure or too loud, but there's (usually) no permanent damage done. But that...

By Brian Reid | September 28, 2009; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (22)


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