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Archive: November 22, 2009 - November 28, 2009

Keeping my holiday food battles to myself

Yesterday marked the peak of the two-month period when, each year, my eating goes to pot. It starts with a few extra Snickers on Halloween and ends with one too many glasses of champagne, but the biggest disaster is always Thanksgiving. There is something about the stuffing and the gravy...

By Brian Reid | November 27, 2009; 7:03 AM ET | Comments (4)

Remembering the kids' table, fondly

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always one of those slow-starting holidays. We would arrive at the grandparents’ house hours before the bird was ready and, with our cousins, sit stiffly around the living room and feeling the scratch of new sweaters against our necks while the adults discussed the weather or...

By Brian Reid | November 25, 2009; 7:54 AM ET | Comments (12)

Blaming parents for the disappearance of play

There are some ideas that just seem so good, so common-sense, that you wonder why there is a debate over them at all. Last week, the Post featured one of those great ideas: getting our young children more time to, well, play. The evidence on the benefit of play is...

By Brian Reid | November 24, 2009; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (56)

'Macrobiotic cupcakes' and the mythic over-involved parent

Time magazine has decided -- at this moment in history -- to attack a persistent straw man of parenting: the maniacally engaged parent. The cover screams "The Case Against Over-Parenting," as if there was debate about whether overparenting is bad. By definition, it's bad. that's why they call it OVER-parenting....

By Brian Reid | November 23, 2009; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (48)


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