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Defending Paid Parental Leave

One of the side effects of the bad economy is that good ideas that sound expensive begin getting ignored. Take paid parental leave. Making sure that parents can afford to take time off to have a baby is a good idea on a number of fronts. It protects families from...

By Brian Reid | September 2, 2009; 07:45 AM ET | Comments (59)

Hello (Again)

As Stacey noted yesterday, I'll be leading the charge at On Parenting going forward. It's a huge challenge; Stacey did an incredible job of keeping her ear to the ground for parenting wisdom day after day, month after month, and I'm going to do my darndest to maintain that level...

By Brian Reid | August 25, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (48)

My Child, My Choice

Today's writer, Emily Mayes, talks about a situation that we all face -- the time when our choices for our families clash with those around us. After you read through her story, think about your own parenting choice conflicts. Is it with a grandparent? A sibling? A friend? And then,...

By Stacey Garfinkle | July 14, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (98)

Summer Camps -- Are You or Aren't You?

Summer Camp: It's the way some working parents get by for the summer. Plus, the kids get to be with other kids having fun. But what happens when the other kids don't show? That's the case for some camps this summer, with enrollment down thanks to the recession. A parent...

By Stacey Garfinkle | July 10, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (15)

The Official Start of Camp Season

By Rebeldad Brian Reid Last week marked the end of the school year here in the cornfields, which means that this week brings the start of camp season. With the exception of a long weekend, there was barely a hiccup; even pick-up and drop-off times are almost identical. It took...

By Brian Reid | June 11, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (42)

The Child Care Tab: $25,000 a Year

On Thursday, 5-year-old hits a milestone with his graduation from preschool. And I must admit, I can't wait. No more driving a half-hour loop to two different schools. No more different spring breaks and various other school days off. And, most important, no more paying for school. To honor the...

By Stacey Garfinkle | June 9, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (123)

On the Phone ALL the Time

The question has come up in several posts on DC Urban Mom and other parenting forums: My nanny is on the cell phone all the time. Or my nanny gets personal calls on her phone when she's supposed to be watching my child. Is this okay? Should this worry me?...

By Stacey Garfinkle | May 27, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (35)

Grandma Care Has Its Perks

Spend the day at a park these days and you're likely to run across a grandparent or two taking care of their grandchildren while the parents work. Grandparents provide child care for about 30 percent of children under age 5, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And with today's state...

By Stacey Garfinkle | November 3, 2008; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (23)


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