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Homestretch: Sex, Tattoos and Other Naked Truths

What's the deal with... ...showing the gold-medal men's basketball game at 2:30 am?! 2:30 am? Nobody wants to see Kobe & Co. in primetime? After all the build-up about this being the Redeem Team, the redemption is going to occur...

By Paul Farhi | August 23, 2008; 3:49 PM ET | Comments (6)

Sure, He's Fast. But Can Usain Bolt Sell?

And now this commercial break: Bob Dorfman, a San Francisco ad man and sports nut, has found a great way to combine work and play. After watching all of the major sporting events (your Super Bowls and World Series, your...

By Paul Farhi | August 23, 2008; 3:34 AM ET | Comments (53)

NBC News Responds

My counterparts at NBC News took exception to my last post about their reporting during the Olympics. Seems I missed a few things when I suggested that NBC's news division had been co-opted by NBC corporate to help promote the...

By Paul Farhi | August 22, 2008; 12:51 AM ET | Comments (16)

NBC News: Olympic Tout?

So I happened to glance up at the bank of TV sets in The Post's gym (excuse me, "Fitness Center") last night and noticed a curious thing. Three sets were going, one tuned to ESPN, one to CNN and the...

By Paul Farhi | August 21, 2008; 12:24 AM ET | Comments (9)

Glad You Asked, NBC

It's been a very watchable Olympics. Keen competition, gorgeous pictures, surprising and stirring moments. These Games remind me that two weeks of the Summer Olympics are better than any 20 reality shows, and most seasons of every other kind of...

By Paul Farhi | August 20, 2008; 3:19 AM ET | Comments (12)

The Shill of Victory

By now, it's old news that several elements of these Olympics have been as phony as a knockoff Prada purse. Mind you, I'm not exactly shocked that some of the fireworks at the Opening Ceremonies, and most of the kids...

By Paul Farhi | August 19, 2008; 12:19 AM ET | Comments (7)

Is There a Medal-Stand Script?

There's something very odd about the medal ceremonies at this Olympics. Is someone choreographing these things? Used to be: Step up, receive medal, play anthem, wave to crowd, go home (as that feel-good Coke commercial showing Olympians and Special Olympians...

By Paul Farhi | August 18, 2008; 3:37 PM ET | Comments (3)

Thanks for the Money, NBC

You'd hardly know it from NBC's rah-rah coverage of American victories in these Olympics, but China has begun to lap us in the gold-medal count. It could even win the overall medal tally by the time the Beijing Games conclude...

By Paul Farhi | August 18, 2008; 2:05 AM ET | Comments (30)

Place Inappropriate Pun Here

Great timing: Visa aired a commercial last night saluting Michael Phelps's eighth gold medal just a few seconds after Phelps won it (in the 4x100 medley relay). They must have had that one in the can. The commercial showed Phelps...

By Paul Farhi | August 17, 2008; 1:25 PM ET | Comments (4)

The Big Five ... So Far

I'll state my bias up front: I'm an exuberantly irrational track geek (ran it back when, have followed it for a few decades, even went to the Olympic Track Trials in Eugene, Ore. in early July). So take this very...

By Paul Farhi | August 17, 2008; 1:21 AM ET | Comments (4)

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