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David Plouffe to Dems: Don't despair, get to work!

Thanks to his work as the architect of Barack Obama's stunning victory in 2008, few political strategists command the respect of the Dem rank and file to the degree David Plouffe does.

So Plouffe is now trying to buck up despondent Dems by starring in a new video, to be emailed out to supporters by Obama's political operation, telling them that all is not lost and that Dems can do far better this fall than the pundits are predicting -- if they get to work:

Plouffe tells supporters that Organizing for America's goal is to reach 15 million voters and turn them out on November 2nd. But beyond that, what's also interesting is Plouffe's insistence that rank and file Dems understand that finding a way to muster up some enthusiasm may be the difference between winning and losing:

"One thing I'm absolutely confident of is we're gonna have a lot of close races, decided by just a few dozen votes, a few hundred votes, in Senate races, House races, governors races. And so what we all do over the next 50 something days is going to make the difference, and turn races we might lose by 51-49 into wins by 51-49...

"We're gonna have a lot of races decided by just a sliver of votes. And the work you do can make a difference."

Plouffe, obviously, is speaking directly to rank and file Dems who are contemplating staying home this fall -- the voters that are helping the GOP enjoy an "enthusiasm gap." He is letting these Democrats know that their decision on whether to vote or to stay at home is a rather momentous one that could make the difference between keeping Congress in Dem hands or delivering it to the GOP -- and halting the Obama agenda for good.

By Greg Sargent  |  September 7, 2010; 2:13 PM ET
Categories:  2010 elections , House Dems , House GOPers , Senate Dems , Senate Republicans  
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And here was I thinking that turning out the votes for Democrats, was not at all important.(Snark Alert)

Posted by: Liam-still | September 7, 2010 2:31 PM | Report abuse

OT but Larry Sabato highlighted some nutty prayer requests from Keith Fimiam (R) who's running in VA 11th.

"We need your feedback:
It is our goal to have one thousand people praying about these requests. Please let us know how often you intend to pray for Keith:
___2-3 times a week
___2 or more times a day

Spread the word:
Please gather family members, friends or colleagues at work and pray together regularly, if possible.
Please send this info to all like-minded family and friends on your email list. Do not send it to Independents or Democrats!"

Posted by: mikefromArlington | September 7, 2010 2:32 PM | Report abuse

He's also speaking more to people to try to get them to do GOTV, because turnout is the difference between winning and not. The enthusiasm gap affects party workers as much as turnout itself, because the one is the key to the other. It isn't enough just to vote,you have to do GOTV or contribute to help GOTV, whichever is within your means.

Posted by: Mimikatz | September 7, 2010 2:35 PM | Report abuse


What has Plouffe said in the video that Barry himself has not said? Seriously, what effect will this have on the election? I mean, a rah-rah video to Barry voters is worthy of space on WAPO/The Plum Line? Ya know, the Reid/Angle "stories" aren't gonna write themselves!

And what about the mosque? My God, the mosque!

Posted by: TrollMcWingnut | September 7, 2010 2:36 PM | Report abuse

"Do not send it to Independents or Democrats!"


I love that part of the request. I guess he is paranoid about Independents and Democrats using Prayers Of Mass Destruction.

Posted by: Liam-still | September 7, 2010 2:36 PM | Report abuse

Respect for David Plouffe? Um, no.
This is the guy who engineered away Hillary Clinton's rock-solid Florida primary win in 2008, on a technicality that we voters had no control over (and HRC had no control over either.)
He rushed also to vaporize the Michigan victory voters handed HRC, gleefully bragging about this in the book Gameplan.
This is a political hatchet man who hoped the screaming crowds of 2008 were in the bag for NoBama for good.
Luckily they have sobered up (no more Kool-Aid) and are searching for a candidate who understands the recession (a depression in Fla.) and will not let Goldman alums run the table with billions of tax dollars in their pockets.
AFPAK, fail. HAMP, fail. Detainees, fail. Transparent, online-published decision-making, fail. New tone in Washington, fail. Stimulus-led recovery, fail. Consensus gov. Fail.
Thanks but no thanks. For the first time in my adult life I would like to see someone's precious U.S. citizenship revoked. Mr. Plouffe, how 'bout a one-way ticket to somewhere you could, indeed, be respected? Libya is nice this time of year....

Posted by: FloridaChick | September 7, 2010 2:37 PM | Report abuse

Glad to hear someone isn't dispirited. Way to go David!

Posted by: ChuckinDenton | September 7, 2010 2:37 PM | Report abuse

This one is by request:

From TrollMcThreeFacesOfEvil.

Who are you going to call?


Call in Mitch Kevorkian McConnell and John Kevorkian Boehner. They will cure what ails you, with a strong dose of Milk Of Amnesia.

Posted by: Liam-still | September 7, 2010 2:43 PM | Report abuse

It's truly sad to me that this is what we have left to discuss. Politics. Normally I love politics..but the country is in such bad shape...there is so much suffering..anxiety...I just wish we somehow get past the partisan rancor and bickering.

And that's going to happen when...monkeys fly out my butt.

And so let's accept the harsh truth. The economy is in it's worst shape in 80 freaking years. It's been so bad that at this point the people responsible are almost irrelevant to the voters. They simply know they are miserable and want things to change.

And so alas this is going to be a truly horrible election cycle...not because the R's are favored to romp...but because both parties have been reduced to eliciting fear to GOTV. The R's have an added advantage in that core group who fall into Obama derangement's a contagious syndrome that has spread to indys.

While I am a registered Indy I am a progressive. I'm just as motivated to vote this year as I was in 08. But I cannot tell a lie. In 08 it was fun, I was motivated by hope and 10 I'm motivated by the horrible FEAR that we'll end up with Rick Scott as Governor of Florida...Sharon Angle as a U.S. Senator..Jan Brewer as Governor of Arizona..Marco Rubio as a U.S. Senator...he quadrupled his income during his time as Speaker of the Florida House.
When it comes to special interests..Tallahassee is podunk compared to D.C. Imagine how much Marco can earn as a Senator.

Yesterday I was whining about a plutocracy...tao made me realize we've been a plutocracy for a long long time...and yet we've still survived.
Perhaps the R's sweep these elections..and after the public gets two more years of obstruction, impeachment motions, investigation upon investigation with NOTHING done for our nation..remember Gingrich shutting down the Federal Government..The 1995 shutdown of the United States federal government was a major political crisis in which the U.S. federal government, as a result of a failure to pass a budget bill, stayed nonessential services from November 14 through November 19, 1995 and from December 16, 1995 to January 6, 1996. The major players were Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich. This is what we have to look forward to but perhaps in the long run the R's will finally reap what they sow.

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 2:45 PM | Report abuse


Outstanding (now here's my Dr. Strangelove reference) Colonel Batguano, if indeed that's your real name!

Posted by: TrollMcWingnut | September 7, 2010 2:48 PM | Report abuse

Politico's Mike Allen opines;

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Tuesday found that that the administration’s “Recovery Summer” was a bust: In May, 40 percent of respondents said the economy would get better in the next 12 months. Now, that figure is 26 percent.

Democrats, it’s now clear, could lose bigger than they did in the Republican revolution of 1994, which produced House Speaker Newt Gingrich in a 54-seat GOP gain. This year, Republicans would need a 39-seat pickup to seize control, and forecasts for their gains run as high as 60 seats.

In the ABC/Washington Post poll, an astonishing 92 percent of respondents described the state of the nation’s economy as bad, compared with 8 percent who said it was good. (The figure was 90 percent in July, and peaked at 94 percent in January.) For the first time in Barack Obama’s presidency, the poll found that more people disapproved of his overall handling of his job than approved: 52 percent disapproved, while 46 percent approved.

And in another first, more people said Obama’s economic plan was making the economy worse (33 percent) than thought it was making the economy better (30 percent), while 36 percent said his programs were having “no real effect.”

Posted by: KaddafiDelendaEst | September 7, 2010 2:59 PM | Report abuse

Tea Party's and drape measuring are for little girls with imaginary friends.

Posted by: angriestdogintheworld1 | September 7, 2010 2:59 PM | Report abuse

Congratulations! Three whole posts without mentioning two radio/tv commentators (Beck/Limbaugh, an ex-Governor from Alaska and a news network (FOX) that has the audacity to be not Liberal. Maybe your Colleagues at the Post will take notice and expand their subject matter!

Posted by: hastoglis | September 7, 2010 3:02 PM | Report abuse

@FloridaChick You obviously were a staunch HRC supporter. We can debate how she lost the nomination..but why open old wounds and rehash all that unpleasantry. Remember the old saw about spilt milk?

And so I respect your feelings Florida Chick but as a fellow Floridian I have to ask..."What are you going to do about it?"

I like HRC OK...but I can't forgive her absolutely ridiculous stance on Afghanistan..which Obama.IMHO to his discredit swallowed hook line and sinker.

Still if HRC was the nominee in '16..I'd support her. Because again Florida Chick what are you going to do...

Vote for complete scum like Rick Scott, corrupt politicians like Marco Rubio?
Really? Hopefully you're not going to stay home!

As a progressive and again IMHO a pragmatist I am completely bummed by Obama's ineffectual HCR...the horrid policy we have in Afghanistan...however
he did give us the largest middle class tax cut in history inside a stimulus which according to the majority of economists on both sides of the spectrum prevented even worse unemployment and avoided a total financial collapse.

But again may be in the same boat as me...what are you going to for the losers who gave us these two unfunded wars...who ran the economy into the deepest ditch in 80 years. Yes Obama certainly could have done some things better but there can be little doubt..their record speaks for itself..the R's would have destroyed us by now.

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 3:03 PM | Report abuse

I am off to do some local, get out the vote work.

Keep the faith.

Remind the voters that jobs are always a lagging indicator, during a recovery, so they should stay the course, and not hand the fragile recovery back to the Kevorkians, who almost killed it the last time they were allowed to treat the patient.

Repetition of the message is very important.

Keep reminding the voters of how far we have come, in less that two years, since John McCain tried to cancel a debate.

Repetition is very important,

So always keep in mind,

That repetition is very important,

So be sure to keep repeating the message because;

Repetition is very important.

I am off to shed a ray of hope and sunshine on some local voters.

Posted by: Liam-still | September 7, 2010 3:03 PM | Report abuse

"I am off to shed a ray of hope and sunshine on some local voters."

Kudos to you my Hibernian friend. And good luck!!!

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 3:07 PM | Report abuse

The other brutal truth is that the opposition has nothing substantive to offer to remedy this. If all they've got is keeping the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000 a year, they really have got nothing. What they do have is cultural symbolism and the exhausted right-left tropes that were trotted out at the mercifully vacuous parade of God and Country on the Mall with Beck and Palin. (A cynical atheist's parody of such vacuousness can be read here.) Maybe in power, by some miracle, the Tea Party Republicans will actually propose the long-term massive cuts in entitlements they claim to believe in. But I don't believe it for a second. I don't believe they are in any way serious about spending restraint and are only serious about their bewilderment at the real America where racial, religious and cultural diversity is a fact, where illegal immigration has been plummeting, where gay marriage is winning, where legal abortion will never go away, and where the new empire the last administration embarked upon has bankrupted us for a generation at least.

Posted by: cmccauley60 | September 7, 2010 3:11 PM | Report abuse

Democrats tried to write off Scott Brown's colossal victory as the standard seesawing of public sentiment that hits both Republicans and Democrats from time to time.

But when Republicans win political power, they hold onto it long enough to govern. The Democrats keep being smacked down by voters immediately after being elected and revealing their heinous agenda.

As a result, for the past four decades, American politics has consisted of Republicans controlling Washington for eight to 14 years (either from the White House or Capitol Hill)-- thus allowing Americans to forget what it was they didn't like about Democrats, whom they then carelessly vote back in. The Democrats immediately remind Americans what they didn't like about Democrats, and their power is revoked at the voters' first possible opportunity.

Obama has cut the remembering-what-we-loathe-about-Democrats stage of this process down from two to four years to about 10 months. Folks, I'm convinced that if we all work really hard, we can get it down to three months.

Four years of Jimmy Carter gave us two titanic Reagan landslides, peace and prosperity for eight blessed years -- and even a third term for his feckless vice president, George H.W. Bush.

Two years of Bill Clinton gave us a historic Republican sweep of Congress, which killed the entire Clinton agenda (with the exception of partial-birth abortion and felony obstruction of justice)-- and also gave us two terms for George W. Bush.

One year of the Pelosi-Obama-Reid (POR) triumverate gave us the first Republican senator from Massachusetts in 31 years. What's that say about prospects for Democrat mobsters this November?

Posted by: KaddafiDelendaEst | September 7, 2010 3:12 PM | Report abuse the Dems walk through the valley of the shadow of death they will fear no constituents they've screwed over...

I can see Nov. 2nd from my computer.

Posted by: illogicbuster | September 7, 2010 3:13 PM | Report abuse

I'm sorry Liam, what did you say about repitition?;<)

Posted by: TrollMcWingnut | September 7, 2010 3:15 PM | Report abuse

A Republican majority in the House WILL impeach America's first black president.


Posted by: paul65 | September 7, 2010 3:24 PM | Report abuse

What do you suppose are the high crimes that will be alleged he committed?

Posted by: cmccauley60 | September 7, 2010 3:27 PM | Report abuse

@TrolMcWingnut: "I'm sorry Liam, what did you say about repitition?"

Republicans are bad. But people are stupid, and forget. So you need to remind them.

Republicans are bad. They kill people like Jack Kevorkian. Or they kill the economy. Or they do both. While feeding senior citizens catfood, destroying the safety net, stomping on butterflies, and if you ever had a favorite pet that died, a Republican killed it.

Because Republicans are bad. But you have to repeat it.

Otherwise, people might forget that . . .

Republicans are bad. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Republicans are bad.


= Electoral victory for Dems in November!

Posted by: Kevin_Willis | September 7, 2010 3:29 PM | Report abuse

@cmccauley....Amen to your 3:11PM post!!!
You covered it all!

@Paul...You are what is wrong with our nation today. With all of our problems we also have to put up with idiots like you who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

A couple of questions...

1.)Impeach...on what grounds?

2.) Are you stupid enough to believe that a significant percentage much less a majority of Americans really want to go down that road?

Wake up and get over yourself...your post smacks of didn't simply say impeach you had to make sure you added "first black president". Ah but that's it isn' want to impeach him for precisely that reason. Consider your post gave no reason other than to specify he is America's first BLACK president. Which Klavern are you a kleagle or whatever you guys in the pointy headed sheets call yourself.

This is the very first time on this blog I've ever accused anybody of racism but your post is so transparent it's disgusting!

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 3:34 PM | Report abuse

Why would I get up to vote when Gibbs will just mock me and Obama will continue to throw his supporters under the bus for one or two republican votes instead of actually doing his job and advocating for his positions?

Posted by: aksunder | September 7, 2010 3:35 PM | Report abuse

@cmccaulley: "What do you suppose are the high crimes that will be alleged he committed?"

Forgery of birth certificates, being a socialist, inadequate praise of Bush, lack of prominently displayed American flag lapel pin.

Or something to do with one of the political positions the Obama admin supposedly offered in order to get certain people out of certain races.

I'm dubious though. Of course, I think it's a terribly stupid idea, so I might be biased, but I'm thinking there's very little chance they'll impeach Obama unless he wins in 2012. And even then, it'll still be an uphill slog and will hurt Republicans. Prosecuting/impeaching Obama will be a very visible thing that Republicans are doing that ignore the economy and don't do anything about high unemployment. Politically, it'll be a big loss for Republicans if they go the impeachment/prosecution route.

Posted by: Kevin_Willis | September 7, 2010 3:35 PM | Report abuse

so Plouffe is the brilliant campaign strategist?

1. Play the race card against the Clintons and their supporters to gain the party nomination. First Class!

2. Run a campaign of vague and deceitful promises.

3. Talk about transparent government while refusing to disclose Obama's school and medical records.

4. Mislead opposition when the facts aren't on your side.

5. Misrepresent Obama's lack of executive and political experience.

6. Hide real relationship with those many Obama friends who are, at best, controversial fringe Democrats.

etc., etc.

Most of all, thank John McCain for being afraid to campaign hard for fear of being labeled a racist.

Brilliant campaign of deception.

Posted by: Hazmat77 | September 7, 2010 3:39 PM | Report abuse

@Kevin....Do I recall correctly that you reside in Tennessee? Memphis? I used to live at the very opposite end in Bristol?

I'm sick and tired of Florida politics...what's happening exciting in Tn.?

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 3:40 PM | Report abuse

Obama was in Milwaukee to speak at the Milwaukee Laborfest, attended by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. He used the speech to promote his $50 billion infrastructure plan and to criticize Republicans ahead of crucial midterm elections.

“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,” he told the union crowd.
If by “like a dog” Obama means that every one year of his presidency feels like seven, I’m forced to agree with him. Otherwise it’s a little insulting, if for no other reason than that there are many breeds of dogs that could run the country at a lower unemployment rate.

How exactly does one talk about somebody like a dog? Or are the “powerful interests” talking to a dog — or are they speaking as a dog? Are the “powerful interests” dog haters? Are the “powerful interests” democrats who are trying to get re-elected? It’s anybody’s guess.

Here’s the video:

Posted by: KaddafiDelendaEst | September 7, 2010 3:47 PM | Report abuse

@Paul65 Forgive me if I mistook a simple observation for a call to act. If you are suggesting that's what the R's will do...not what you think they should do...then egg on my face.

My observations are directed at those who would call for Impeachment.

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 3:47 PM | Report abuse


So that's what happened to Fido. 'Effin Reagan!

Hilarious, and downright cynical. Careful or you'll lose your "reasonable Republican" rating and be shunned.

Posted by: TrollMcWingnut | September 7, 2010 3:56 PM | Report abuse

We're within striking distance. The repuglicans are listening to the angry Tea Party... which is NOT the future, it is the past. A return to some sort of happy land where they ran the show. No matter what, 2 more years of political maneuvering and gaming. The wealthy get wealthier the poor get poorer and the middle-class gets to pay for both.

Posted by: angriestdogintheworld1 | September 7, 2010 4:05 PM | Report abuse

@rukidding7: your post to me was tart but civil so I respect your opinions.
I have plenty of places to go, BTW. Happy Libertarian who voted against BHO, bigtime, as a proud PUMA. Roll your eyes, we are out there. The 'rehash' I posit is warranted if it prevents robbing two large swing states of their votes *ever* again. No matter whom is favored. And yes, as a Fla. voter, I had to watch Nader split the Dems. and help get Gore squashed like a bug under a massage table. But at least Nader was up front. Plouffe stealing our primary so openly and smugly is a fail for me. No matter where I have to go.
BTW, the stimulus did little to dent the *depression* here in Fla., and I do not cheer it. Slick Willie would have made headway, and HRC could have also. The BHO Boyz Klub was bent over kissing Goldman's ring, see: counterparty payouts, etc. I regard TARP, the stim as implemented and *esp.* HAMP as scandals. Orlando is gutted with defaults and HAMP serves no purpose. BHO's braying lies about HAMP hardened my heart permanently against him, and his Chicago crew.
I am not deranged, but neither am I a dope. BHO is over his head and purdy little speeches will not save us. Makes me sad...

Posted by: FloridaChick | September 7, 2010 4:25 PM | Report abuse

@rukidding: "I'm sick and tired of Florida politics...what's happening exciting in Tn.?"

Some idgits are vandalizing mosques in Murfreesboro. Which stinks.

I live in Memphis, but eastern Tennessee near North Carolina is a much nicer area, IMO. The Smokey Mountains provide a very scenic background, and lots of good people.

Recall Bristol fondly, BTW, though it's been years. I'd rather live closer to Bristol, but I work for the county school system, and it's a good gig, so I'm going to be staying here. ;)

Memphis is often the crime capital of the world (yay!), and we're always right up there. The city finally got rid of a fairly corrupt mayor after years and years of mismanagement and corruption and nepotism. So, hopefully things will improve. Phil Bredesen, a moderate Democrat, has proven to be a very good governor, BTW. Don't know when you lived in Bristol, but if you remember Blanton or Sundquist, you know Tennessee doesn't always have the best governors.

Memphis had a really devastated downtown area late 70s, early 80s, but they've made efforts, building things like Peabody Place and the Fed Ex Forum. The refurb of Beale Street is now old news now, but I still remember when Beale was not really a tourist attraction. Now, it's usually a non-stop party (but watch your purse and your wallet and don't wander down any alleys).

The trolley system is something else. About the time I was born, the city spent a bundle to rip up all the trolley tracks. Then, about a decade ago, they started putting them back. I don't get downtown a lot, but was just recently, and ended up coming up one of the streets where the trolley went. Shook my head. Conceptually, a fine idea, but millions were spent making the trolley go where very little is. So, the trolley is usually empty or almost empty, and the area (past the river front area) that it traverses never suddenly sprung up with commercial activity just because there was a trolley. Which is too bad, the trolley is kind of cool. If your a pure tourist riding the Memphis trolley as it trundles up Madison, I could see you regretting the decision shortly.

The Pyramid boondoggle was something else (you may recall it, or not) and has been abandoned for almost a decade now, except for very limited usage. Bass Pro has been negotiating to buy it, and apparently has, so soon it'll be a giant Bas Pro store, and finally there will be something to make Mud Island actually interesting (although I always liked the Riverwalk and the little museum, it just wasn't enough to get me to go downtown; I haven't been to Mud Island in 15 years, I don't think.)

No income tax still (as you know, like Florida), but we do have a capital gains tax, which I believe Florida lacks. So, you might not want to move back. ;) Otherwise, same-old, same-old.

I spent a week in July in Daytona this summer, BTW. I loooove Florida. I'd go to Disney World every year, if I could, but my wife won't have that.

Posted by: Kevin_Willis | September 7, 2010 4:37 PM | Report abuse

@Kevin....I was in Bristol through the 80's.
Lamar Alexander was the I recall he was famous for his plaid shirt...made him a man of the people...but I may be confusing him with the ole He-Coon here in Florida Lawton Chiles.

I only visited Memphis a sportscaster to cover a U.T. appearance in the Liberty Bowl. Had fun...frustrating though...I was too busy to make it to Beale St. I suspect doing Memphis without Beale St. is like seeing New Orleans without hitting Bourbon Street.

I relate to Memphis however if only in my mind. I love music and I grew up on the Ohio river across from Cincinnati. I love riverfront cities. Something about being on the river that is special...perhaps I'm channeling the ghost of Mark Twain.

Glad nothing is going crazy in Tn. There is much I miss about Bristol...but a lot I just as soon leave behind. Perhaps you recall the sign that bridges State Street which is literally the TN.-VA. says..."Bristol Va. Tn. A Good Place to Live." When I took my wife to visit she thought that was amusing. How many places claim to be simply a "good" place to live and not a "great" place. Perhaps that's why you enjoyed it Kevin. You got me to tone down my hyperbole and so a "good" place to live is also a reasonable..pleasant...well I could go on.

One thing for sure...the Appalachian mountains do possess their own distinctive beauty. I've gone skiing out West..the Rockies...they're nice...but I guess I'm prejudiced because I spent so much time there...the Appalachians are special.

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 4:51 PM | Report abuse

@Floridachick....sorry you found me to be "tart" :-) but I do generally strive to be civil.

If you are a libertarian I'm not sure how you can also be a PUMA...unless you mean you left the Dems in disgust over the 08 Primary.

You're right I didn't realize there were any PUMA's left...I thought the rapprochement between HRC & BHO had settled that. But I learn something new everyday.

It WAS a frustrating primary battle and sorry for your still open wounds. Having said that you still have no place to hang your hat. I'm a progressive who is distraught with our permanent, unsuccessful wars, with HCR that is nothing more than a band aid...but really...I quake to think how much farther down the toilet we can go if we don't stop the R's.

BTW Floridachick I respect all of your stated positions...however PLEASE do not tell me you won't vote for Alex Sink. Does our lovely state really need the embarrassment of an actual crook like Rick Scott as Governor?

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 5:02 PM | Report abuse

What planet is this guy on. Obama's "stunning" win was because the Repubs ran a joke ticket and people really were hoping that this guy would bring something different to DC. Now Obama has shown himself to a Socialist demigod who is completely partisan.

No, it will be a blood bath in November.

Posted by: dbeins | September 7, 2010 5:14 PM | Report abuse


What has Plouffe said in the video that Barry himself has not said? Seriously, what effect will this have on the election? I mean, a rah-rah video to Barry voters is worthy of space on WAPO/The Plum Line? Ya know, the Reid/Angle "stories" aren't gonna write themselves!

And what about the mosque? My God, the mosque!

Posted by: TrollMcWingnut | September 7, 2010 2:36 PM

What effect will this have on the election?

Likely voter (LV) and registered voter (RV) models assume that many of the people who voted in 2008 will not show up to vote in 2010, since the turnout for midterm elections is typically lower than for a Presidential election.

Thus, if OFA can boost turnout, and get more of the people who voted in 2008 to vote this year, Democrats have the potential to do substantially better than the polls, which rely heavily on historical trends to make their predictions, suggest they will.

By the way, in most states, Democrats still hold a substantial lead in registered voters. Republicans are expected by many pundits and some prognosticators to have a "red wave" because of Democratic apathy -- or ASSUMED (by the voter models) apathy.

Any positive shift in Democratic participation could minimize Republican gains. Participation by Democrats at only a fraction of the 2008 levels would all but guarantee that Democrats hold the House and Senate.

So, the activities of OFA are indeed, potentially, a very big deal.

Posted by: associate20 | September 7, 2010 5:25 PM | Report abuse

Plouffe is as delsuional as the rest of the Dems - it is far too late to do anything. After a socialist heaqlth Plan America didn't want, a massive budget deficit and 9.6% unemployment the Dems are toast....what possible message could they have their the failures of their socialist agenda? The taxpayers gave obama a Trillion dollars and now we have absolutely nothing to show for it. It is over for this version of the Democratic party as the leftist led them to ruin.

Posted by: Realist201 | September 7, 2010 5:26 PM | Report abuse

I wonder, is Obama going to vote Democrat?

On the one hand you would think he would since he campaigned as a Democrat. But then since winning the Presidency, he has insisted on being bipartisan above all else. And voting Democrat just sounds so darn partisan...shouldn't he strive to rise above that?

Perhaps he could negotiate with the Republicans and work out a compromise where he doesn't so much "vote" Democratic but instead issues a non-binding statement of support in some circumstances for Democrats.

That sounds more like our President's current leadership style doesn't it?

Posted by: bidalah | September 7, 2010 5:30 PM | Report abuse

OMG The illiterates have hit....LMAO

"Socialist demigod" "socialist heaqlth Plan"

Do you morons realize how quickly you reveal your lack of intelligent understanding of the issues with such stupid hyperbole?

I suspect you folks couldn't identify Socialism on a multiple guess test.

Can any of you mental midgets identify the difference between a socialistic medical system...single payer medical system...and a private system?

Do any of you idiots..realist dbeins realize we already have ALL THREE SYSTEMS in our country. Can you even identify them? Go infect Red State, Drudge, or Fox where brains are not required.

Posted by: rukidding7 | September 7, 2010 5:42 PM | Report abuse

Well, of course that's his job, and he's doing it.

But good luck with that! The GOP IS going to take back at least 1, if not both houses of Congress, and there's nothing, nothing at all, that will likely stop it.

Why do I feel that Plouffe seems like the Colonel who;s urging his cavalry on to smite the savage Indians, because the Army under magnificent, awe-inspiring George Custer (the Anointed One) will continue to win important victories in the Montana territory.

Posted by: mikeinaustintx | September 7, 2010 6:20 PM | Report abuse

The current Administration and Congress must learn they are acting against the will of the people. The American people want less spending not more. The American people want less government not more. The American people have learned government is inherently inefficient. Government does not have competition to drive down costs and spur efficiency and innovation. The American people can compare the benefit plans of government workers to their own and see how government costs more. The American people see the waste in government all around them. The American people can see that the policies implemented by this Congress and Administration have not worked and have actually cost most people more.


This Administration and Congress need to get out of campaign mode and start working for the American people. This Administration and Congress will never understand the middle and low income groups DO NOT CREATE JOBS, they take jobs. It is the upper income groups who create jobs and those groups are not going to create jobs in the face of high taxes, senseless regulation, and uncertainty.


We also need to end the micro-management of business and the economy. Until we GREATLY reduce the tax burden on business and consumers and remove the senseless regulations that accomplish little in relation to the cost they impose, our future is bleak.

The Congress and current Administration have put the country on a course of reckless government spending that has mortgaged the future of all Americans especially future generations. The only way to fix this long term structural problem is to create a pro-growth atmosphere for business. To do this we must reduce taxes NOW. How many different taxes does a business or individual pay on a regular basis? We must eliminate number and complexity of all these taxes and reduce the tax burden.

We also need to end the micro-management of business and the economy. Until we GREATLY reduce the tax burden on business and consumers and remove the senseless regulations that accomplish little in relation to the cost they impose, our future is bleak.


Posted by: AngryMobVoter | September 8, 2010 7:51 AM | Report abuse

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