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Required Reading
Debate Is On, After AllBoston Globe: Political Intelligence |McCain finally announces he's going to debate, criticizes the Washington "blame game" on bailout.
Congress Pushes to End Impasse on Bailout New York Times | Talks are said to be "back on track" as House GOP takes a seat at the table.
Palin Problem: She’s Out of Her League Kathleen Parker, National Review | A conservative columnist and former Palin supporter now makes the case that she can only help McCain by quitting the ticket.
Alaska AG Suing to Kill Subpoenas in 'Troopergate' Anchorage Daily News | Alaska's Republican AG pushes back against Legislature's investigation of Palin.
How Paulson Just Picked the 2012 GOP Nominee U.S. News & World Report: Capital Commerce | How the bailout fight will lead to a conservative Republican nominee next time around.
Debate Is On, After All Boston Globe: Political Intelligence | McCain finally announces he's going to debate, criticizes the Washington "blame game" on bailout.
Bush Still Confident of Bailout Compromise Los Angeles Times | Talks resume on the Hill as Bush vows bill will get done.
Ratings Say Obama Has Put Va., N.C. and Ind. in Play CQ Politics | National polls are still tight, but Obama is opening up leads in key states.
McCain Camp Signals Last-Minute Arrival at Debate Jackson Clarion-Ledger | No definite word yet, but Miss. paper reports McCain is likely to show.
On Debate Day, Uncertainty Looms Politico | What if you held a debate and no one showed up?
Could the Economy Trump the Palin Effect? Economist | A look at whether rural voters are back in play for Obama because of the economic crisis.
Bailout Negotiations in Disarray Wall Street Journal | There was a deal, then there wasn't. Why can't everyone just get along?
McCain Leaps Into a Thicket New York Times | McCain's rescue mission got a lot more complicated that he'd hoped it would be.

By Ben Pershing  |  September 26, 2008; 7:48 AM ET
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