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Required Reading
Stocks Surge on Speculation Rescue Plan Will Pass Bloomberg | Hope springs eternal in the world's stock markets as talks on the Hill continue.
How McCain Can Mount a Comeback US News & World Report: Capital Commerce | A blueprint for how McCain can spin the economic crisis to his advantage.
Obama's Race to Lose; Pressure Points on Palin ABCNews.com: Matthew Dowd | Former Bush strategist makes a strong case that Obama's in the driver's seat.
In Bailout Vote, a Leadership Breakdown New York Times | Absence of real leadership meant too many members voted on their own futures, rather than the country's.
McCain's Bailout Gamble Looks Like a Bad Roll CQ Politics | What exactly did McCain accomplish with last week's gambit?
“Gotcha Journalism” or a Double Standard? CBS News: From the Road | McCain and Palin decry media focus on her Pakistan comments. Helpful to have McCain defend her like this?
Palin, Biden a Lively Pairing for Veep Debate Associated Press | A good look at the debate histories of both VP candidates.

By Ben Pershing  |  September 30, 2008; 7:48 AM ET
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