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Required Reading
Stocks Slide as Investors Await Progress on Bailout Wall Street Journal | Markets are jumpy even though Senate passage is virtually assured.
New Polls: Obama Leads in Critical Trio of States Associated Press | Quinnipiac puts Obama over the magical 50-percent mark in Ohio, Fla. and Pa.
12 Members Who Might Switch Their Vote Politico | A dozen House members who might be persuaded to switch from nay to yea on the rescue bill.
New Senate Polls Show GOP Slipping Roll Call (sub req'd) | Surveys show McConnell, Chambliss and Dole in tight races.
An Experienced Debater, Biden Is Often Tripped Up by Spontaneity New York Times | What might Biden blurt out during Thursday night's debate?
Mo. Back in the Swing as McCain’s Lead Shrinks Kansas City Star | McCain's in Missouri today, and he'll be back often if the race there keeps tightening in must-win state.
The Tongue Jut FiveThirtyEight | We know John McCain gambles, but does he have a "tell"?
New Voters Like Obama, But May Not Show up at Polls Wall Street Journal | Survey suggests lots of Obama supporters aren't guaranteed to show up on Election Day.

By Ben Pershing  |  October 1, 2008; 7:49 AM ET
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