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Required Reading
McCain Unveils New Economic Proposals New York Times | He's got a plan. Will it get much coverage amid so much other economic news?
Aide: McCain Likely To Confront Obama Over Ayers At Next Debate Huffington Post | Wasn't this supposed to happen during the last debate? We'll believe it when we see it.
Hillary Clinton Calls Chances of Running for President Again 'Close to Zero' Fox News | Note that she said "probably close to zero."
RNC Eyes $5M Bailout for GOP Senators Politico | The most important contest on Election Day? The race for 60 seats. And the RNC knows it.
Wall Street Donors Resent Being Blamed by McCain Wall Street Journal | McCain scheduled to raise money tonight from the people he's been bashing.
Bush to Announce Expanded Bank Bailout Details Associated Press | The latest bailout/rescue/whatever from the administration. Maybe McCain should oppose it, just to be different.

Bring Back Rev. Wright
Tucker Carlson, The Daily Beast |
For all the debate over whether McCain should bring up Wright, how much does it really matter with three weeks left?

Board's Troopergate Probe Casts Wider Net Anchorage Daily News | The other Alaska probe of Palin is still going on. Probably won't be done in time to matter this year, but what about 2012?

By Ben Pershing  |  October 14, 2008; 7:48 AM ET
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