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Required Reading
Want Palin's E-mails? That'll Be $15 Million msnbc.com | In theory, these records are available to the public. But freedom isn't free.
High Court Rejects GOP Bid in Ohio Voting Dispute Associated Press | Court stops move that could have thrown thousands off the rolls. What's next?
Greensboro Paper's Blogger Attacked at Palin Rally Romanesko - Poynter Online | Blogger Joe Killian felt the wrath of a violent Palin supporter at a heated rally.
Colin Powell Might Endorse Obama Politico | Once a potential running mate for McCain, Powell may endorse Obama on "Meet the Press" Sunday.
Surveys Split on Who Has Lead in Presidential Race Wall Street Journal | Why do the big newspaper polls (WaPo, NYT, LAT) nearly always seem to show a bigger Obama lead than the daily tracking polls?
Real Deal on ‘Joe the Plumber’ Reveals New Slant New York Times | Reporters show off their ability to search public records. It's not like this guy asked to be famous.
African-American Turnout for Obama Could Pad Democratic Majorities in Congress CQ Politics | Are southern Republicans ready for record black turnout?
Could the Recession End the Iraq War? Time | In the current economy, the next president may not be able to afford sending more troops to Afghanistan without drawing down in Iraq.
The End of the Reagan Era? National Journal | Ron Brownstein looks at whether this election will mark a final shift away from the changes that began in 1980.

By Ben Pershing  |  October 17, 2008; 7:44 AM ET
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What's next? This is funny.
"I have already voted absentee for obama from here in munich germany
after registering many americans for the vote.
they polls do not cover the overwhelming support THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET has
with EX-PATS like myself and the over 10,000 americans here in munich alone."

WTF? Germans for Obama. We have a judge headed to court this morning. Obama seems to have the European vote all locked up. I guess the Electoral College will sort it out and failing that there's always the Supreme Court. What a mess. Between the economy and the politics, it just keeps getting to be a bigger mess all at the highest possible cost. Obama raised $150 million, but the cost of dirt is still the same. The press seems to be digging their own graves and the polls change daily. Check with Jim The Grave Digger. GM is cremating cash and neither Obama or McCain can change that. The billionaire Republicans and big labor unions are on the same team. It's crazy.

Posted by: Anonymous | October 20, 2008 6:57 AM

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