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Required Reading
Stevens Guilty: 'It's Not Over Yet,' He Says Anchorage Daily News | His legal case may not be over, but his Senate career almost certainly is.
McCain Campaign Cites Comments in 2001 on Courts in Attack on Obama New York Times | With a week to go, will voters care about what Obama said in a radio interview 7 years ago? McCain hopes so.
Confessions From the Obama Campaign Trail Los Angeles Times | Obama never seems to let his guard down, especially with the press.
More Executives Sold on Obama USA Today | Business execs giving heavily to Obama. Do they actually prefer him, or are they just going with a winner?
The Weather on Election Day FiveThirtyEight | You'll see this story 100 times next week, so you may as well read it now.

By Ben Pershing  |  October 28, 2008; 7:39 AM ET
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If Sarah Palin is planning on running in 2012, then she is clearly out of touch with reality to an even greater extent than the public already believes. She is obviously totally unware of the degree to which she has become the laughing stock of the year. Saraph Palin has proven to the voters that she lacks the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the duties of VP or President.

Posted by: lavinsr | October 28, 2008 10:19 PM

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