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Required Reading
Tom Davis Gives Up New York Times Magazine | Why the longtime NoVa Republican is tired of Congress.
Government Action Fails to Halt Global Sell-Off Financial Times | Guess the rescue bill didn't instantly fix global economic woes.
McCain Plans Federal Health Cuts Wall Street Journal | Overlooked: McCain would cut Medicare and Medicaid to pay for his health plan. An Obama ad waiting to happen?
Bond Tried to Oust Regulator During Fannie Mae Probe St. Louis Post-Dispatch | First Kit Bond was implicated in U.S. Attorney firings report, now this. Lucky he's not up until 2010.
Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five Politico | It was only a matter of time before Democrats pulled out this chestnut. Will it matter?
Paulson to Tap Adviser to Run Rescue Program Wall Street Journal | Neel Kashkari becomes one of the most powerful people in Washington, and on Wall Street.
Analysis: Palin's words may backfire on McCain Associated Press | AP finds "racially tinged subtext" to Palin's attacks on Obama. No one else covering the speech seemed to notice this subtext.
Seven Will Testify in Troopergate Probe Anchorage Daily News | State employees will testify, but is there any chance of a report before Election Day?
Obama Sought HUD Grant for Donor's Project Washington Times | Coming to a McCain campaign ad in the near future: Obama wrote letter that may have benefited supporter.

By Ben Pershing  |  October 6, 2008; 7:51 AM ET
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Tom Davis Gives Up is clearly the best article ever linked to on The Rundown or whatever you're calling it these days.

Posted by: The Nuge | October 8, 2008 1:41 PM

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