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Required Reading
Rothenberg: For Republicans, Another Blood Bath Looms on Horizon Roll Call (sub req'd) | Stu Rothenberg sees GOP losing 20-30 seats in the House, and Dems could hit 60 in the Senate.
How McCain Lost His Brand New York Magazine | A good look at why McCain's "maverick" message may not be working anymore.
Markets Fall on Doubts Rescues Will Succeed Wall Street Journal | After the rescue plan, now what?
Key Debate Tonight as Race Gets Personal Boston Globe | Increasingly negative campaign portends heated debate in Nasville.
Can John McCain Pull This One Off? Politico | Yes, says Roger Simon and several GOP strategists. But it won't be easy.
Business Cool Toward McCain’s Health Coverage Plan New York Times | Watch as Democrats seek to make health care a bigger issue in the last weeks of the race.
McCain Linked to Private Group in Iran-Contra Case Associated Press | The likely next Democratic counter to Bill Ayers stories. But does Obama really want to engage on this front?

By Ben Pershing  |  October 7, 2008; 7:41 AM ET
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Are you better off than you were eight years ago?

GAS Prices January 19, 2001: $1.45/Gallon
GAS Prices October 6, 2008: $ 3.69/Gallon

DOW January 19, 2001: 10,587.59
DOW October 6, 2008: 9,955.50

NASDAQ Jan 19, 2001: 2770.38
NASDAQ October 6, 2008: 1862.96

CPI, January 19, 2001: 175
CPI, September, 2008: 315

Dollar exchange with Euro, Jan. 19, 2001: 1.068
Dollar exchange with Euro, October 6, 2008: .733

Are you better off than you were eight years ago?
Better yet, are you ready for another four years same as last eight?

No way, No how, No McCain.

Posted by: No way, No how, No McCain | October 7, 2008 11:53 AM

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