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Required Reading
Obama's Attorney General Newsweek: Powering Up | Report says Eric Holder will be AG, though he hasn't actually been vetted yet.
Senate Democrats Vote To Keep Lieberman In Chairmanship Hartford Courant | Best part was when Lieberman denied making some anti-Obama comments, and apologized for others, without specifying either. Let the healing begin.
Hoyer Says December Session Possible Roll Call | Congress could come back next month to deal with auto bailout, but presumably only if Bush changes his mind on it.
Paulson, Democrats Clash on Bailout for Homeowners Bloomberg | Lawmakers not happy that bailout money is being repurposed.
Many Dealings of Bill Clinton Under Review New York Times | Classic: Bill said Hillary would be a great SoS -- while he was giving a paid speech to a foreign audience.
Holbrooke Lobbying to Be Secretary of State Los Angeles Times | Remember when Holbrooke was a strong contender for the job regardless of whether Obama or Clinton won? Always a bridesmaid ...
The Big 3 and Two Hard Choices Chicago Tribune | The auto companies' woes go a lot deeper than just a short-term cash shortage.
Waxman Woos Youth Vote to Beat Dingell Politico | It's the Old Bulls vs. the Young Turks in titanic chairmanship fight.
The 'Bitch' and the 'Ditz' New York | Did Clinton and Palin -- and their associated stereotypes -- help or hurt women pols long-term?

By Ben Pershing  |  November 18, 2008; 7:39 AM ET
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