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Required Reading
The Most Accurate Election Forecast? Hardcore Gamblers Huffington Post | Betting sites have Obama as the heavy favorite. Ironic, since McCain is the big gambler in the race.
Redskins Rule Ideal for 'Monday Night' Washington Times | If the 'Skins win, so will McCain. Really.
McCain Pins Hopes On Undecideds National Journal | If you're still undecided at this point, how will you decide? With a coin flip?
Obama Shows Bigger Lead in Polls That Include Cell Phones Wired | People who hate landlines vote Dem. What does it mean?
Stevens Juror Lied About Father’s Death Roll Call | Well at least she lied for a good reason -- to attend a horse race.
Obama Leads in Home Stretch Wall Street Journal | Note that McCain is doing 17 percent worse among Hispanics than Bush did in 2004. Remember when McCain was supposed to do well with that group?.
Republicans Scrambling to Save Seats in Congress New York Times | Look for the quote from Tom Davis, who is getting ever more creative in describing his party's plight.
What if Wright Played a Bigger Role in Campaign? Politico | Maybe it would have made a difference, but plenty of voters already know about Wright and don't seem dissuaded from backing Obama.
Clues to Election Result Could Come Early Reuters | Would be kind of anticlimactic if we already know who won by 7 or 8 pm Tuesday. That would leave a lot of TV time to fill the rest of the night.
The Best Presidential Campaign Ever? Not by a long shot. Weekly Standard | Grumpy Fred Barnes thinks that Broder guy has got it all wrong.

By Ben Pershing  |  November 3, 2008; 7:41 AM ET
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