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Required Reading
McConnell Reaches Out to Lieberman Politico | Still looks likely Joe will stay a Democrat, but Republicans are trying.
Obama Lays Out Ethics for Transition Team Roll Call | Obama begins delicate task of hiring lobbyists without seeming like he is.
Moderates to Blame for GOP Losses, Conservative Leader says CNN | That's one argument. The other is that all the moderates voted Democratic because they thought Republicans were too conservative.
Obama, Assembling Team, Turns to the Economy New York Times | Getting elected president probably much easier than "fixing" the economy will be.
Dems Split Over Treasury Choice Politico | Are the candidates really that different? Apparently so.
The Campaign Autopsy Washington Post | Charles Krauthammer attributes McCain's loss mostly to financial crisis, with some blame also on the Palin pick.
Power Struggle May Open Rift Among House Democrats Los Angeles Times | Waxman-Dingell fight is fascinating. The most nervous spectator -- the auto industry.
Black Voters Helped Prop. 8 Passage Sacramento Bee | Fascinating and underreported dynamic in CA, where high black turnout ensured gay-marriage ban would pass.

By Ben Pershing  |  November 7, 2008; 7:40 AM ET
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