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Required Reading
Why History Can't Wait Time | Obama is Person of the Year. We had Joe the Plumber in the office pool.
Between Obama and the Press New York Times Magazine | Meet Robert Gibbs, soon-to-be White House press secretary.
Obama Tip: Ben Bernanke Gone in 2010 in Favor of Larry Summers? U.S. News: Washington Whispers | One possible explanation why Summers took White House job -- Fed chair may be next.
Drunk George Tenet Lashed Out at Bush's Neocons Think Progress | Good rule of thumb: Never get drunk at Prince Bandar's pool and rail about "the Jews." At least, not when witnesses are present.
Impeachment Panel Begins, Teeth Clenched Chicago Tribune | Not helpful to Blagojevich that most of these lawmakers hated him even before this scandal.
Could the Blago Scandal Ensnare Team Obama? You Betcha. National Review | Always possible Patrick Fitzgerald could find a "cover-up" even if there was no crime. Remember the Plame case?
As Privacy Ends for Kennedy, a Rough Path Awaits New York Times | Kennedy must know that politics in New York is not a gentle sport.
Four Really, Really Bad Scenarios Politico | Comforting reading for Team Obama -- here are the worst things that could happen.
Obama Faces a Crush of Demands From Interest Groups USA Today | Everyone wants a piece of his early agenda.

By Ben Pershing  |  December 17, 2008; 7:49 AM ET
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