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Required Reading
Moguls and Arab States Are Big Donors to Clinton Charity New York Times | Two groups that are very popular with the American public right now -- "moguls" and "Arab states.".
Cheney Defends War on Terror's Morality Washington Times | Cheney gives rare exit interview. Surprise -- he has few regrets
Brett Favre Beats Lizard People FiveThirtyEight | This is what happens when you give every American citizen -- even the crazy ones -- the right to vote.
The Passing of Paul Weyrich Weekly Standard | Conservatives pay tribute after death of movement leader.
Blagojevich Strikes Back Chicago Tribune | Governor won't go down without a [bleep]ing fight.
Chrysler Shutdown to Idle 46,000 for Month Detroit Free Press | If there wasn't enough pressure for an auto bailout before, there is now.
Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk Emerges as Front-Runner for Obama Cabinet Post Dallas Morning-News | Not so long ago, Kirk was touted by many as Democrats' most promising African-American politician. But his Senate campaign was underwhelming.
Generals Propose a Timetable for Iraq New York Times | Plan would withdraw troops more slowly than Obama has advocated.
Gay Leaders Furious With Obama Politico | Obama's "gesture toward social conservatives" -- picking Rick Warren for invocation -- angers part of his base in the process.

By Ben Pershing  |  December 18, 2008; 7:46 AM ET
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