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Required Reading
For Now, Obama Proves to Be Elusive Target for G.O.P. New York Times | He's teflon so far, but it's still early.
Obama's Five Rules of Scandal Response Politico | How the incoming administration handled its first scandal.
Centrists a Growing Force in Senate’s Democratic Majority CQ | Moderates always claim to be gaining clout. Might it be true this time?
Auto Destruct: The Tragic Nobility of Detroit New Republic | Jonathan Cohn argues that trying to provide good standard of living for middle class was a noble goal, even if it turns out to have failed.
A New Spotlight on Libby, the Name Not on the Pardon List New York Times | Libby's sentence has already been commuted and he has a new job, so why pardon him now?

By Ben Pershing  |  December 24, 2008; 7:39 AM ET
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