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Required Reading
Obama Warns of Prolonged Crisis Without Stimulus Plan Bloomberg | Obama's message: Only I can save the world from certain doom.
Obama Eyes Wall Street Super-Regulator Politico | The only way to foil the Super-Regulator is to hide your money in a box made of lead.
Conyers: Obama Should Not Nominate Sanjay Gupta Huffington Post | Paging Dr. Gupta -- you've got some enemies.
Obama, Security Aides, Still Debating Blackberry Wired | If he doesn't have a Blackberry, how will he update his Twitter feed?
Panel Urges Impeachment of Blagojevich chicagobreakingnews.com | One more step toward the end of the line for Blago.
Stimulus Plans Intact, Despite Big Deficit Wall Street Journal | Obama's undeterred by those massive deficit projections. Is that good or bad?
Obama Economic Plan Gets High Marks Politico | Big majority in new poll favor stimulus plan. Momentum is definitely behind doing SOMETHING.
Burris Practiced in Political Arts Chicago Tribune | Senator-in-waiting turns out to be a pretty smooth operator.
How Obama Can Avoid the Mistakes of Carter Daily Beast | "Better than Carter" -- not exactly setting the bar high.
National Mall Reflects Magnificence and Neglect Los Angeles Times | Okay, the Mall is a little rough in places. But that's part of it's charm, right? Right?

By Ben Pershing  |  January 8, 2009; 7:38 AM ET
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