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Required Reading
Senate Democrats Agree to Seat Burris This Week Chicago Tribune | That was a worthwhile exercise for all involved, wasn't it?
Obama Asks Bush to Seek TARP Funds From Congress Bloomberg | Bush very graciously willing to make request on behalf of his successor. Of course, it will be Obama's problem next week anyway.
Bush's Last Press Conference: Full of Disappointment Time | Bush is unusually melancholy in his last presser, but still thinks history will judge him well.
Officials Turn Down Franken Request in Minn. Race Associated Press | Democrat wanted an election certificate that would have allowed him to take office in the Senate.
The New Politics: Barack Obama, Party of One New York Magazine | It may turn out that Obama is the first Independent president, who doesn't really owe anyone anything.
Gay Bishop To Open Inaugural Weekend Politico | An interesting way to balance out the Rick Warren controversy.
Obama Lobbies for Release of Second Half of Bailout New York Times | Obama would much rather let Bush make the request.
Obama Plans to Keep Estate Tax Wall Street Journal | GOP effort to kill "Death Tax" permanently seems to have failed.
Obama’s Cheney Dilemma Newsweek | Obama isn't necessarily going to do the opposite of everything the Bush administration did on security.
Bush's Legacy Is Partly His Father's Los Angeles Times | It turns out that 43 may have been more similar to 41 than he wanted.
Will Mitch McConnell Rain on Obama's Parade? McClatchy | McConnell's got some leverage over the new administration, but only barely.

By Ben Pershing  |  January 12, 2009; 7:42 AM ET
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