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Required Reading
Obama leaves D.C. To Send a Message Politico | is this the first stop of the 2012 campaign?
Passengers on Obama’s DC Train Ride Reinforce the Winning Campaign Theme CQ Politics | The train will move slowly, as it will be weighted down with symbolism.
The Final Press Conference New York Times: The Caucus | Perino goes out on a wistful note, talks a bit about liberal media bias.
Pardon Libby Weekly Standard | Fred Barnes makes the case for the convict.
Did Cheney Nod Off During Bush’s Farewell Address? ThinkProgress | Looks like he did, but only for a moment.
Stimulus Package Unveiled Wall Street Journal | It's massive, and Rep. Obey even suggests it may not be big enough. Typical appropriator.
Some Ask if Bailout Is Unconstitutional New York Times | Is the bailout actually the Bush administration's biggest executive branch power grab? Stop asking such pesky questions.
President-Elect Prepares Diplomatic Offensive USA Today | Obama's got a certain amount of global goodwill now. Will it do much good in Gaza?
Top 10 George W. Bush YouTube Moments Time | We would have preferred a montage with sappy music, but this works too.
Obama's New Press Strategy Slate | Makes perfect sense that he's courting the press now, before we start to really irritate him.

By Ben Pershing  |  January 16, 2009; 7:39 AM ET
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