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The Rundown

3 p.m. ET: We interrupt our regularly scheduled political programming to bring you something far more important -- The Rundown's Official Super Bowl Prediction™ (TROSBP for short). You can see his pick compared to those of his fellow washingtonpost.com bloggers here. The Rundown is exceedingly confident that his prediction, in both its accuracy and simple eloquence, will shame his competitors off the field.

To begin, a question: How are the Pittsburgh Steelers similar to both President Obama and Sarah Palin? Answer: They're not, but hopefully this item will now draw a whole lot more traffic via Google. More seriously, The Rundown has been impressed with the Cardinals' run through the playoffs and agrees that they're a great story. But defense and a strong run game are the keys to postseason success, and in both categories the Cards just can't compete with the Steelers. (Also, a Steelers star is in one of the best sports commercials of recent years, so that's got to help.)

Prediction: The Steelers swarm Larry Fitzgerald and force the Cards to try to score another way. They can't. Steelers win, 27-10.

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By Ben Pershing  |  January 28, 2009; 3:00 PM ET
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