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Required Reading
Obama Orders Pay Limits at Banks Getting Future Aid Bloomberg | This and Gregg were supposed to be this morning's headlines, not Daschle.
Cheney Warns of New Attacks Politico | VP is still unapologetic, and convinced Obama will either continue Bush policies or put the country in danger.
Solis Lingers; Acting Secretary Appointed Atlantic: Marc Ambinder | How long will Solis be blocked from Labor post? And would GOP block any nominee who backs card check bill?
Obama Backs Out on Iraq Appointment Washington Times | Anthony Zinni says he was told he would be ambassador to Iraq, then they gave the job to someone else.
For Obama, Nominees' Exits Take Off Some of the Glow USA Today | Honeymoon, interrupted.
As Nominee Trips, Health Care Drive Suffers a Setback New York Times | After portraying Daschle as perfect fit for health czar, can Team Obama plausibly say his replacement is just as good?
Nonprofits Linked to Daschle Spread Cash Around Washington Wall Street Journal | Daschle may be gone, but you'll be hearing more about EduCap.
Executive Pay: Obama's PATCO Moment Business Week | Obama's pay rules compared to Reagan's stand against air traffic controllers.
Obama vs. Pelosi: Can the President Work With the Democrats? Time | For all the talk of Obama's efforts to cultivate relationships with the GOP, his relationship with Pelosi is more important.

By Ben Pershing  |  February 4, 2009; 7:43 AM ET
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