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Required Reading
Obama Tells Mayors to Spend Wisely New York Times | The president does some finger-wagging at the men and women who run the nation's cities. Wonder if they enjoyed that.
Quinn Calls on Burris to Quit Chicago Tribune | The end must be near, right? Unless Burris is impervious to pressure.
UN Nuclear Warning After Discovery of Extra Uranium in Iran Times of London | Sobering news about Iran's nuclear capabilities.
Obama, in Canada, Warns Against Protectionism Wall Street Journal | Obama's first foreign trip is complete, and it's still not really clear what his views are on trade.
Housing Relief Becomes a Fence Between Neighbors Los Angeles Times | People who have been paying their mortgages not thrilled by the idea of bailing out those who haven't.
The Obama Cabinet is a CEO black hole Politico | Chief executives are underrepresented on Team Obama. Maybe they've all got tax problems.
Roland Burris' Calls About Seat Started in Fall, Ex-Official Says Chicago Tribune | Yet another call Burris failed to disclose.
The Hope of the Party Economist | Bobby Jindal gets the "potential GOP savior" treatment.

By Ben Pershing  |  February 20, 2009; 7:48 AM ET
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