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Required Reading
Obama Seeks $634B Over 10 Years for Health Care Associated Press | Before you start hyperventilating, remember that the budget bill itself doesn't actually spend any money.
Conservative Words for a Liberal Agenda Politico | Obama's proposals far more audacious than his sober language would suggest.
The Democratic Reagan Washington Post: Achenblog | Achenbach not the only observer to compare Obama's performance last night to the Gipper.
I Bought an Expensive House. My Bad, Not Yours Time | Joel Stein argues that people who lost money on their houses -- himself included -- are no more deserving of help than those who lost money in the stock market.
O Seeks Historic Shift in US Politics New York Post | Rich Lowry says Obama wants to "redefine the center of American politics forevermore."
Obama Assures Nation: ‘We Will Rebuild’ New York Times | This wasn't a post-Katrina or 9/11 address, but it sounded a bit like one.
Poll: Obama's Speech Scored With Viewers CNN | Folks at home liked it. Will they like his deficit-cutting budget?
Split Over Big Government Persists Wall Street Journal | Is now the time for the government to swoop in and try to save the economy, or just get out of the way?
Obama Favoring Mid-2010 Pullout in Iraq, Aides Say New York Times | Big news coming later this week. And there's plenty of time for him to change his mind if he needs to before Aug. 2010.
A Frosty Reception for an Embattled Senator Associated Press | Burris' fellow senators not so nice to him. Not surprising, given that they all think he should quit.

By Ben Pershing  |  February 25, 2009; 7:53 AM ET
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