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Obama NBC Interview: "I Screwed Up" Huffington Post | President Obama did a flurry of network television interviews yesterday that were dominated by the withdrawal of Tom Daschle as Obama's Health and Human Services nominee because of tax problems. Here's a roundup, including Obama's admission to NBC: "I screwed up."
Editorials and Double Standards Washington Post: PostPartisan | Post op-ed contributor Michael Kinsley offers one of the few contrarian views of l'affaire Daschle, arguing that the former South Dakota senator was still the best man for the job despite his tax troubles.
President Obama Seeks Russia Deal To Slash Nuclear Weapons Times of London | A report that the Obama administration, led by Hillary Clinton's State Department, is pondering overtures to Russia aimed at dramatically slashing nuclear weapons stockpiles.
Obama's 10 Best Moves and 5 Worst Stumbles So Far Daily Beast | Two weeks in and they're already already circling. GOP consultant Mark McKinnon rates Obama's best and worst so far and warns that his popularity could tank at any minute. (And this was written before Daschle withdrew ...)
An Overview of the United States Intelligence Community for the 111th Congress dni.gov | Attention policy wonks and intel junkies! It's all here--a scintillating 29-page overview of the sprawling U.S. intelligence community.
Tom Daschle Ad YouTube | And now for the really important stuff: Daschle's 1971 Pontiac Ventura became famous over the last 24 hours as the star of this recovered gem of a campaign commercial, complete with ironic BMW-and-limo reference. So where is that car now? Why, it's at an auto museum in Murdo, S.D., which misspells the former senator's name as "Daschel." Sadly, it's not for sale--at least not yet.

By Ben Pershing  |  February 4, 2009; 8:10 AM ET
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