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Required Reading
Bernanke Says U.S. May Need to Expand $700 Billion Bank Rescue Bloomberg | That will be easy to do, since the first bailout plan has proved to be so popular.
Illegal Immigrant to Be Charged With Chandra Levy Murder Washington Post | Arrest warrant finally issued, years too late for the poor Levy family -- and Gary Condit.
Burris' 2010 Web Site CNN | Web site doesn't necessarily mean he's running for the seat.
A Moderate Manifesto New York Times | Somewhere on the ideological spectrum between President Obama and Rush Limbaugh lies David Brooks.
Blogging the Stimulus Bill New Yorker: Think Tank | Steve Coll plans to read the entire 407-page stimulus bill. He may be the first.
Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter New York Times | Obama's first real shift in dealing with Russia. Is this the carrot or the stick?
Budget Chief Set to Defend Blueprint Wall Street Journal | Orszag tries to push back against critics.
White House Cancels Brown Press Conference in Rose Garden Times of London | British press depicts cancellation of event as a big snub of the prime minister.
Painting Limbaugh as GOP's Leader Los Angeles Times | Worth remembering that, as popular as he is on the right, Limbaugh is not well-liked by the center.
Memos Reveal Scope of the Power Bush Sought New York Times | Release of Justice memos a reminder of how far Bush team was willing to go after 9/11.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 3, 2009; 7:39 AM ET
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