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Required Reading
Drug Approval Is Not a Shield From Lawsuits, Justices Rule New York Times | Watch to see whether business groups will try to get Congress to do something about this ruling.
Obama Home Rescue Plan Welcomed Financial Times | Mortgage industry likes it, as do the markets.
Has Obama Forgotten Immigration? Politico | He says he's committed to reform, but when?
Obama Gets Strong Support in Poll Wall Street Journal | The stock markets may not think things are headed in the right direction, but more of the public does.
Steele Trap? GOP Fears Grow Politico | Is it possible the party could actually jettison its new chairman so quickly? Yes, but it's unlikely.
Geithner Tries to Resell the Bank Plan — and Himself Time | Talk about low expectations -- the markets did not crash when Geithner spoke yesterday, so he was successful.
Obama Lets Congress Have One Last Pork Supper. Slate | Not worth it for Obama to pick a fight with Congress over earmarks. Not yet, anyway.
The Tired War on Rush Limbaugh National Review | This isn't the first time Democrats have focused their fire on the conservative talk show host.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 4, 2009; 7:47 AM ET
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