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Required Reading
Obama Has Pointed Words at Health Care Forum Los Angeles Times | President suggests everyone will have to make sacrifices.
Court Hears Prop. 8 Arguments San Francisco Chronicle | Opponents of gay marriage ban have their day in court.
Presidential Bait-and-Switch Wall Street Journal | Rove says Obama isn't delivering on his promises -- a preview of the party's central 2012 message.
How Manny's Deal Finally Got Done ESPN: Jayson Stark | Perhaps we're biased, but this is really the most important story of the week.
White House Rethinks Tax Hikes Wall Street Journal | Is Obama caving on his charitable deduction plan? And is this a sign of more caving to come, or an isolated case?
U.S. Sets Big Incentives to Head Off Foreclosures New York Times | Markets and mortgage lenders like the plan, which is surprisingly broad. But the jury is still out among homeowners.
Did Obama Cause the Stock Slide? BusinessWeek | This headline alone must make the White House very unhappy.
The Afghanistan Problem: Can Obama Avoid a Quagmire? Time | How long before this becomes known as "Obama's War?"
Why Is John McCain Being Such a Jerk? Salon | McCain seems to be going out of his way to highlight the issues on which he and Obama disagree. Why would this be surprising?

By Ben Pershing  |  March 5, 2009; 7:43 AM ET
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