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Required Reading
Obama Administration Gains Support for Spending Bill Reuters | Omnibus slowly chugs toward finish line after reassurances on Cuba.
The GOP in 2012 The Atlantic | A useful (early) survey of the field from Reihan Salam.
Stocks Post Best Rally of 2009 on Improving Citigroup Outlook Bloomberg | You read that right -- bank stocks are actually up.
Poll Shows Sen. Dodd Could Face Tough Re-Election Bid Wall Street Journal: Washington Wire | Countrywide scandal really took its toll on Banking chairman.
Winning Smugly Slate | William Saletan suggests stem cell research supporters should stop and think about what they're doing.
Obama’s Budget Faces Test Among Party Barons New York Times | Spending blueprint now faces a gauntlet of powerful Democrats eager to pick off little bits along the way.
Despite Introduction Of Card-Check, Senate Lacks 60 Votes CongressDaily | Watch for record spending on lobbying as proponents scramble for a few more votes.
Education Push to Include Merit Pay Wall Street Journal | How far will Obama go in antagonizing teachers' unions?
Talking With the Taliban: Obama Idea Draws Skepticism Time | On the ground in Afghanistan, Obama's suggestion gets mixed reviews.
Rising Above Partisanship Philadelphia Inquirer | Arlen Specter, prepping for reelection, calls on Obama to do more outreach to the GOP.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 10, 2009; 8:08 AM ET
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