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Required Reading
Obama Criticizes Earmarks, but Vows to Sign Spending Bill New York Times | Obama criticizes bill his own party wrote, but will sign it anyway. Very odd all around.
McClatchy/Ipsos poll: How's Limbaugh do against Obama? McClatchy | Obama is twice as popular as Limbaugh. Is that really the right barometer?
Meanwhile, in Sarah Palin News . . . National Review: The Campaign Spot | An update on the "2012 Draft Sarah Committee."
What Tim Geithner Can Learn from Baseball Esquire | You had me at "Nate Silver" and "baseball salaries.".
Victory for the 'Juice' Lobby? Slate: Kausfiles | A smart look at why its in K Street's interest to keep the card check fight going as long as possible.
Congress Sends $410 Billion Spending Bill to Obama for Signing Bloomberg | Omnibus clears after a long slog. What does this portend for when really difficult bills start moving?
Citi Buoys Global Markets Financial Times | Stock market finally rebounds, at least for a day. Can Obama take credit somehow?
Fierce Lobbying Greets Bill to Help Workers Unionize New York Times | Get ready for the Mother of All Lobbying Fights.
Inside Murtha's 'Earmark Factory' Politico | How Murtha uses a center at Penn State to route even more earmarks to scandalized lobbying firm.
Has Edwards Told Wife He Fathered Baby? He Didn't Say, and No One Asked McClatchy | Edwards reemerges, but doesn't address latest tabloid story.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 11, 2009; 7:45 AM ET
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