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Required Reading
Summers: Timing of Turnaround Is Unclear Wall Street Journal | Says stimulus is working, but no one knows when crisis will be over.
The Academic Freedom Agenda New York Times Magazine | A first look at G.W. Bush's "Freedom Institute."
Can Politicians Keep Madoff's Contributions? The Volokh Conspiracy | If these donations were "fraudulent transfers," campaigns might have to give them back.
Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth Wall Street Journal | Approval numbers may still be high, but check out the disapproval numbers.
Earmarks Are A Model, Not A Menace National Journal | Jonathan Rauch makes the case that earmarks get far more attention than they deserve.
Obama Defends Agenda as More Than Recession New York Times | Obama makes the case for why tacking health care, energy and other topics aren't a distraction from fixing the economy.
Lobbyist Ban Limits Obama's Options Politico | Strict policy is making it tough to fill senior jobs. Face it: Most people with policy experience are or have been lobbyists at some point.
Texas' Perry Rejects Stimulus for Expanded Jobless Benefits McClatchy | Maybe he's also running for president.
Maxine Waters Under Scrutiny for Bank Ties Los Angeles Times | Second day of stories spells trouble for longtime lawmaker.
The Trouble with Obama's New Deal Time | Gingrich says Obama's problem is that he's trying to execute a plan formulated during the campaign, when the economy wasn't nearly as bad as it is now.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 13, 2009; 7:41 AM ET
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