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Required Reading
Congress Threatens to Tax AIG Executives' Bonuses Associated Press | Lawmakers try to correct their earlier mistakes.
McCain: 'Too Early' to Tell If Obama Has Put Nation at Risk of Terror Attack ABC News: George's Bottom Line | In a "Twitterview" (Twinterview?), McCain won't quite say whether he agrees with Cheney.
Why AIG Outrage Rings Hollow Politico | Everyone knew these bonuses were coming for awhile. Perhaps we're just looking for someone to blame.
Is Mark Sanford a Secret Democrat? Esquire | No, he's not. But he is an interesting subject for an interview.
Obligatory JournoList Post American Prospect: Ezra Klein | Klein clears the air about the secret journo-cabal he runs. Sort of.
Political Heat Sears AIG Wall Street Journal | Obama vows to try to get the money back, but White House later admits it probably can't.
The Case for Paying Out Bonuses at AIG New York Times | Economy could get even worse if "the business community started to worry that the government would start abrogating contracts left and right."
Moderate Is Said to Be Pick for Court New York Times | White House claims to be sending "a signal" by choosing a moderate for its first judicial nomination.
Geithner Faces Questions As He Prepares to Roll Out Toxic Asset Plan Time | Treasury secretary has an awful lot on his plate right now.
Pelosi Goes to Bat to Keep Bay Area Papers Alive San Francisco Chronicle | If Pelosi helps save the Chronicle, will paper have to disclose that in every story about her?

By Ben Pershing  |  March 17, 2009; 1:55 PM ET
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