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Required Reading
House Passes Bill Taxing Wall Street Bonuses Wall Street Journal | That'll teach those employees a valuable lesson: When your employer gives you money that it is contractually obligated to pay, don't take it!
Why AIG Paid the 'Bonuses' FiveThirtyEight | Good explainer on why the company gave out those contracts in the first place.
Exxon vs. Obama Portfolio | Oil giant and new administration battle over "green" energy.
Obama Team Offers $5B in Aid to Suppliers Detroit Free Press | Another bailout -- this one for auto suppliers.
A.I.G. Uproar Is a Defining Moment for Geithner New York Times | Never a good sign when the president has to keep saying he has confidence in you.
Treasury Learned of AIG Bonuses Earlier Than Claimed Time | Now the story goes that some career Treasury officials knew about the bonuses, but didn't tell Geithner.
GOP Wary of Plan to Tax AIG Bonuses Politico | Technically, wouldn't they be voting for a tax increase?
Centrists Brewing a Storm in Senate Denver Post | New moderate bloc already getting heat from the left.
Cherry-Picker-in-Chief FiveThirtyEight | Nate Silver unearths the truth -- Obama's NCAA bracket shows a bias toward schools from swing states.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 19, 2009; 3:15 PM ET
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