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Required Reading
Global Stocks Advance on Treasury’s Debt Plan; Citigroup Jumps Bloomberg | Geithner needed to have a good day, for once, and it seems like he did.
Inside Obama’s Economic Brain Trust New York Magazine | How all those big personalities have been getting along -- or not -- so far.
Hillary Clinton, e-Diplomat, Embraces New Media Associated Press | Clinton adding lots of bells and whistle's to Foggy Bottom's Web operation. Will any of them convince N. Korea to give up nukes?
Poll: Paterson Sinks With Voters New York Post | Paterson's approval at 19 percent, would lose to Rudy by 20+ points. Wow.
Can John Walker Lindh Go Home Now? GQ | Parents of "American Taliban" speak up for their son.
My Plan for Bad Bank Assets Wall Street Journal | Was it his idea or WSJ's to call it "my" instead of "our" plan?
Financial Policy Despair New York Times | Paul Krugman doesn't mince words: He hates this plan.
Conrad Takes Out his Knife Politico | Senate Budget chair plans to scale back Obama's spending increases.
The Enemy Of the Good Newsweek | Obama's vetting process draws more criticism as key jobs remain empty.
Conservatives Size Up Sanford for 2012 Washington Independent | Right thinks Sanford has made "all the right enemies" in stimulus fight.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 23, 2009; 2:50 PM ET
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