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Required Reading
Geithner, Bernanke Seek New Wind-Down Power After AIG Bloomberg | Their pitch: We've done so well running these companies so far give us the authority to take over even more..
White House Unveils Plan to Fight Border Drug Cartels Los Angeles Times | Obama plans to send more money, troops to the border.
Blagojevich Filling In As Morning Radio Host Associated Press | No word on whether he will do traffic updates, funny voices.
Specter Said To Oppose Card Check Cloture CongressDaily | Announcement makes it unlikely EFCA will come up any time soon.
Judge Delays Ruling on Whether Bush Will Testify in Presidential Library Lawsuit Dallas Morning News | Former condo owners claim SMU fraudulently obtained their land for Bush library, want W. to testify..
Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism Wall Street Journal | Administration needs private help to make bank plan work, so it's toning down the rhetoric.
AIG Bonus Tax May Stall as Obama Hesitates, Republicans Balk Bloomberg | Looks like the Senate won't be taking up AIG bill any time soon.
On Economic Matters, Obama Lacks a Secretary of Selling It Los Angeles Times | Administration still looking for a good spokesman on the economy.
Reines Storm: Clinton Conflict Brews Politico | Longtime HRC staffer brings controversy with him to State.
US Fears Pakistan’s Growing Problems Financial Times | Holbrooke says Pakistan is a tougher riddle than Afghanistan.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 24, 2009; 2:35 PM ET
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