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Required Reading
Obama Outlines Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Los Angeles Times| Obama lays out the details for his own "surge" plan.
Chris Hill, Very Confused Weekly Standard Blog | Conservatives try to pick apart the testimony of Iraq ambassador nominee.
Despite Re-Election Race, Reid Won’t Change Leadership Style Roll Call | Leader says he won't be more cautious just because he faces a potentially tough contest next year.
Bank CEOs Pledge Cooperation After Meeting With Obama Wall Street Journal | Financial bigwigs agree to work with administration. On what, exactly, isn't clear.
Dick Cheney Was Right Salon | Dog bites man! A liberal argues that Cheney was correct to say that budget deficits don't really matter.
The Winnable War New York Times | David Brooks, writing from Afghanistan, calls for a stronger effort there on the same day Obama is to reveal publicly his new strategy.
Obama Seeks JPMorgan, Goldman, Citigroup Support on Bank Plan Bloomberg | Obama will ask banking CEOs today to get on board.
Baucus, Pelosi Clash on Health Care Politico | The fight over reconciliation may determine whether Obama has a chance to get his health care plan through.
Exec says Coleman donor ordered $100K payments Minneapolis Star-Tribune | Even if Coleman somehow won the recount, he'd still have this scandal hanging over him.
Hank Paulson To Write Goldman/Bush/Credit Default Swap Tell-All TPMMuckraker | Get ready to hear all the salacious details. Or maybe not.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 27, 2009; 3:56 PM ET
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