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The Rundown

8 a.m. ET: Is the White House doing its level best to distract people from the cratering economy and the AIG bonus controversy?

Consider: President Obama went on "The Tonight Show" last night and did talk about the economy, but also made news by joking about the Special Olympics -- hey, at least he didn't mock Nancy Reagan again -- and even threw out the nugget that the First Dog would be in place by Easter. Michelle Obama, meanwhile, will break ground today on a vegetable garden at the White House. And, of course, March Madness has begun, reducing productivity and slowing the Internet all across the land. (Obama went 11-5 on Day 1.)

But it was Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski who took time out from making commercials this week to suggest Obama should focus on the economy instead of his brackets. And similar criticism has come for his decision to appear on Leno.

So yet again, Obama explained Thursday -- somewhat oddly, this time -- that he can and should multitask. At a town hall meeting in Los Angeles, Obama said: "Somebody was saying the other -- today, I think, that I shouldn't be on Leno. I can't handle that and the economy at the same time. Listen, here's what I say. I say our challenges are too big to ignore." So was he saying that, in these trying times, an appearance on "The Tonight Show" was just too important to put off?

Regardless of whether he should be going on Leno or ESPN, Obama is making clear that he has no plans to hide. He will appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday, and will give a prime-time press conference Tuesday night. He even took the time to record a holiday greeting to Iran. In it, Obama spoke of a "new day" for relations between the two countries and did not mention bowling, the Special Olympics, his brackets or his confidence in Tim Geithner, proving that the president can, in fact, handle multiple subjects without getting confused.

Obama should study up this morning on the merits of deficit spending during a recession, because the Congressional Budget Office is due to release new numbers today projecting that deficits over the next 10 years will be significantly bigger than had been estimated when the White House was preparing its budget blueprint. The more dire projections make it even more likely that Congress will force Obama to scale back some of his priorities.

And of course, Obama will have to keep one eye on Congress to see what it does next on AIG. The House passed legislation Thursday taxing bonuses at AIG and other companies taking federal bailout money (note the interesting split in the House GOP leadership on the vote). The Senate is expected to move next week on an even tougher bill, even as it turns out that lots of people in government knew about the bonuses before they were paid. Obama can only hope the press isn't still fixated on the AIG blame game next week. Otherwise, he might just have to go on Letterman.

By Ben Pershing  |  March 20, 2009; 8:00 AM ET
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ATTENTION: Rahm Emanuel, WH Chief of Staff; David Axelrod, senior advisor (STAFF: please forward

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Is it possible that communications (or security protection) devices (or weaponry) in the vicinity of POTUS are causing physiological effects that could be affecting his sense of well-being -- or perhaps even endangering his health, and the health of others in the immediate vicinity?

Given the advanced state of White House telecommunications and security technology, President Obama and his key staff should consider an independent scientific review and audit to determine the presence of prolonged or pulsed-beam RF/EMF radiation emissions.


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Posted by: scrivener50 | March 20, 2009 10:27 AM

Good God, When Jesus come back, maybe he can be President for a week and we'll see how he does? Obama is just under 60 days on the job. He still has 30 days till his 90 day review.

Posted by: ACCESSIBLECONTROL | March 20, 2009 11:21 AM

Have you been hiding under a rock since inauguration?

1) The First Lady has been out and about going to places and doing things within the Whitehouse almost everyday. Literally. She has been highly visible for weeks now with different activities. Today was nothing new, so you just threw the garden topic in there to add substance to this useless post.

2) The First Lady and the President have been talking about the dog...before the inauguration, after the inauguration, and just recently the First Lady herself revealed that the girls would be getting the dog after Spring break. So again, the President didn't break new ground on the Tonight show. You just needed more stuff to fill up this post.

3) The President has been talking about multi-tasking, let's see--before the inauguration, and since the inauguration, and he felt that he should get out his message about the economy and explain the AIG mess to a different forum. God forbid he spend 30 minutes with Jay Leno discussing these subjects and other light topics --- I am sure that he would have been able to solve the financial crisis, two wars, guantanamo, health care, and the energy crisis if he had only stayed in d.c. a few more hours.

The next time you do a post, why don't you try doing some research before hand and maybe use some logic before you spit out these ridiculous arguments.

Posted by: inspired3 | March 21, 2009 12:21 AM

you need to stop cherry pickin'...Coach K was making a joke! Maybe if you posted his entire quote you'd get thet.

and maybe you could add the fcat that filling our the NCAA bracket was a campaign promise Obama made ...and kept?

Posted by: caune | March 21, 2009 11:00 AM

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