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Required Reading
G-20 Backs Regulation Crackdown, $1.1 Trillion Aid Bloomberg | Leaders agree to tougher financial regulations across the board. Wouldn't Congress have to approve some of this? Will it?
Sources: Blagojevich Indictment Today chicagobreakingnews.com | Easy to forget that he wasn't already under indictment.
Why Are Democrats Undermining Obama's Diplomatic Plans for Iran? American Prospect | Matthew Yglesias says Hill Democrats are pushing for too tough a stance.
NATO Meeting to Highlight Strains on Afghanistan New York Times | A shift in emphasis after G-20 summit focused on the economy.
The President Is 'Keeping Score' Wall Street Journal | Karl Rove is shocked and offended by hardball politics in the White House. Cough, cough.
Conceding U.S. Lapses, Obama Resists New Bank Rules New York Times | When does President Obama seem like an advocate of free markets and loose regulations? When he's in Europe.
Now, Obama 'Owns' General Motors BusinessWeek | In his spare time, president can decide how to run one of the world's biggest companies.
McCain Uses Budget To Make His Move CQ Politics | McCain's doing that "maverick" thing again, this time on the budget.
Franken Puts Pawlenty in a Jam Politico | Minnesota governor will soon have a tough decision to make.
Obama's Formula for Disaster The Week | David Frum says Obama is popular because he's active, but he'll be a lot less popular once his policies start to have a real effect on the country.

By Ben Pershing  |  April 2, 2009; 4:34 PM ET
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