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Required Reading
Somali Insurgents Fire Mortars at US Congressman Reuters | Rep. Payne's plane fired upon as he leaves Mogadishu.
Ex-Rep. Vito Fossella Pleads Guilty to Driving Under the Influence New York Daily News | Fossella just realized in the last few days that drunk driving is really bad. Better late than never, right?
Obama Boosts Anti-Abortion Recruitment Politico | As expected, pro-life movement gets boost with pro-choice president.
White House Mum On Legislation That Would Nix Bush 'State Secrets Privilege' WhoRunsGov: The Plum Line | Liberals increasingly concerned that Obama won't break from some of his predecessor's most controversial legal policies.
Obama Beats First National Security Test Associated Press | Obama gets plaudits for ordering successful rescue, and averting what could have been a major headache for the White House.
Obama Is Urged to Take the Wheel on Infrastructure Los Angeles Times | Govs. want Obama to dissuade Congress from earmarking all the money in upcoming highway bill. Good luck with that.
Hot Contest Over 'Card Check' Continues Politico | What does the public really think of EFCA? Depends on who you ask.
Obama to Discuss U.S. Plan For Engagement With Cuba Wall Street Journal | Is the president ready for a real fight over Cuba policy, or will he postpone it for awhile?
Todd Palin Is the Man for America Now Esquire | A profile of the man who could have been America's second gentleman. Or whatever you would call the vice president's husband.

By Ben Pershing  |  April 13, 2009; 12:00 PM ET
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