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Required Reading
EPA Finds Greenhouse Gases Pose a Danger to Health Associated Press | Get ready for some very strong pushback by the business community.
Henderson Says GM Needs More Aid Wall Street Journal | GM CEO says bankruptcy is "probable," but wants more cash in the interim.
Green Shoots and Glimmers New York Times | Krugman says bah humbug to suggestions that the economy might be improving.
Lawmakers From Purple Districts Walk Thin Line National Journal | A look at the members with the toughest seats to hold, from both sides of the aisle.
"On a bright, sunny, safe day in April 2009." Weekly Standard | Kristol mocks the idea that we can change our interrogation policies now because we're much safer than we were.
Interrogation Memos Detail Harsh Tactics by the C.I.A. New York Times | Obama releases details of controversial tactics, but won't prosecute those who used them.
Rattner Involved in Inquiry on Fees Wall Street Journal | Tough to tell yet how big a problem this will be for Obama's auto industry point man.
Washington Steps up Mexico Drug War Help Financial Times | In Mexico, Obama offers more help to desperate ally.
Gates Hints at Changes to Ban on Gays in Military Los Angeles Times | No policy shift yet, but Gates is laying the groundwork.
Tea Party Nonpartisan Attendance Estimates: Now 300,000+ FiveThirtyEight | Some useful, concrete information on a topic where the reporting has been all over the map.

By Ben Pershing  |  April 17, 2009; 4:13 PM ET
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