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Required Reading
Chrysler Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Detroit News | Obama says process will be "quick" and "efficient."
White House Aide's Family Likely Has Swine Flu Associated Press | Crisis hits close to home for administration.
GOP Plans To Step Out From Obama's Shadow National Journal | Will new Republican group help save the party?
I Smuggled Water Into The East Room Marc Ambinder - The Atlantic | A "you are there" narrative of what it's like to attend a presidential newser.
Party of No(body)? FiveThirtyEight | The number of self-identified Republicans keeps plummeting.
Obama ‘Gravely Concerned’ About Pakistan New York Times | Even scarier than swine flu -- a rapidly destabilizing country with lots of nuclear weapons.
Obama Gives Nuanced Defense of his Stance on Torture Los Angeles Times | Obama is firm in criticizing Bush policies, but not clear on what he'll do about it.
Republicans Feud Over Specter Politico | Who lost Arlen?
Obama's Florida Problem Slate | After Obama praised Crist, DSCC dumps on him.

By Ben Pershing  |  April 30, 2009; 5:29 PM ET
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