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Required Reading
Justice Report Opposes Prosecuting Torture-Memo Authors New York Times | Internal report says memo authors may be open to disciplinary action by state bar associations, but that's about it.
Groups Push for First Gay Supreme Court justice Politico | Obama didn't pick any openly gay candidates for his Cabinet, so how about the court?
The Lion and the Legacy Vanity Fair | An excerpt from forthcoming Ted Kennedy biography focuses on the turbulent last year in the life of the famous family.
Is T-Paw Taking One for the Team? FiveThirtyEight | Republicans want Pawlenty to delay seating Franken as long as possible, but that may not be the governor's smartest move.
Confused Barry Asks for Same-Sex Marriage Vote Back nbcwashington.com | If he can "forget" to pay his taxes for all those years, then he can certainly forget what bill he's voting on. Your D.C. government at work.

Democrats Leave Gitmo Closing Money Out of Bill Associated Press | Approps will give Obama what he wants for Iraq and Afghanistan, but not for Guantanamo and the IMF.
At Annual Meeting, Pro-Israel Group Reasserts Clout New York Times | AIPAC has been much in the news lately, for mostly bad reasons. But the group still carries a lot of weight.
Fed Stress Test Results May Show 10 U.S. Banks Need Capital Bloomberg | How much more money will the Treasury and the Fed have to spend to save banks?
Future Dangerousness Slate | A look at a "tricky" decision by Diane Wood, on the short list to replace Souter.
Plouffe, Rove Spar in California Politico: Ben Smith | Usually, these post-election panels are collegial. But not this one.

By Ben Pershing  |  May 5, 2009; 4:35 PM ET
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